List of Good Luck Charms and Their Use

June 22, 2016

In feng shui, good luck or fortune are said to be attracted through our actions, beliefs, and charms. One can easily find and purchase charms to help let the good vibes come your way. For your guide, below is a…

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How to boost your income

May 14, 2016
feng shui coins

How can one attract all the abundance he or she desires? Living in abundance wherein you need not worry about your material needs and give freely to your friends and family. We all aspire for this. Sometimes, however, what we…

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Ways to increase office success with feng shui

April 06, 2016
office, feng shui philippines, work place

Our workplace must be an inspiring space where creativity and productivity are encouraged and enhanced. If your workstation is less than inspiring, then a little feng shui will certainly help. Yes, you can introduce some changes to improve the chi…

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Where is the money area in your house and how to enhance it?

March 05, 2016
money area in the house

Ok! Let’s admit, we all want to talk about money. How can we earn money? Are there any easy and effective ways to double or triple the money that we earned? What and what not to do when we…

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Top 10 feng shui cures for your home

February 04, 2016
Feng shui cures for your home

“Unclutter your life. Unclutter your home. We feel best when everything and everyone around us is in harmony and in balance. The peace and the beauty of your home will raise you up, and give energy to your goals.” –…

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