8 Things You Don’t Know About Feng Shui

October 25, 2018
gold coins feng shui philippines

Feng is the "wind" and Shui is "water"—symbols that signify health. You need to know feng shui practices for good fortune and better quality of life.

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Halloween Feng Shui Decoration and Symbols

September 29, 2018
jack o lanterns halloween decorations feng shui

Halloween is one day of the year where you pay homage to your loved ones while still having fun. As long as you follow these Halloween feng shui decoration tips, your home can be safe from bad luck and dark stuff that negatively impact your chi.

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Using Your Birthdate for your Lucky Color

August 18, 2018
party balloons to celebrate your birthday lucky feng shui

It's best to find which element supports your feng shui birth element to have variety. That way, you'll have a colorful life for years to come.

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Feng Shui for Fashion Choices

July 07, 2018
clothes on hangers feng shui fashion

Besides bringing fortune and stabilizing the energy in your home, feng shui also applies in the way you dress. The elements - Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal, and Water - must be present in your fashion choices to represent your inner chi. The presence of these elements...

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Feng Shui Tips for Finding Love and Romance

June 29, 2018

Romantic love moves in mysterious ways. Finding the right partner who supposedly will end up with you isn’t an exact science. The status of your relationship depends on both personalities, flow of date, background and family history among others. Some…

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