Using Your Birthdate for your Lucky Color

Feng shui revolves around the principle of supporting internal and external energy. You can find the art of feng shui when you follow the right furniture placement, have the right design elements of home decor, and wear the pieces of clothing and accessories that support your feng shui birth element. But, finding the feng shui cure that suits you doesn’t stop there. The material of the item, textures, and colors all influence the energy in you and your home.

The Importance of Feng Shui Color Selection

Color is essential for an effective feng shui cure. You must find the right color to support your energy or else, you risk draining it. For feng shui 2018 Philippines, it is a must to use the right tone for clothing and home decoration. To find your feng shui color, you must first identify the feng shui element of your birthdate. These elements have corresponding colors that showcase its characteristics. Using the colors that best represent the element attracts energy and strengthens it. Meanwhile, your chi is weak when you have colors from the opposing element. Thus, you must be aware of the element that supports your feng shui element as well as those that weakens it.

Feng Shui Birth Element and Colors  

There are five feng shui elements to remember – Earth, Fire, Metal, Water, and Wood. One of these elements describes your inner chi which is also called your personal birth element. Your element is based on your year of birth. You can find out which element falls on your year of birth by following the date of the Chinese New Year. Since the Lunar New Year celebration isn’t the same each year, you should always double check to ensure you follow the dates correctly.

Once you identify your birth element, it’s time you discover which are your best colors and which are the ones you must avoid. Each color can represent two elements depending on its saturation. Moreover, each year features a lucky color as it covers different feng shui element. Therefore, the best colors for the person are those that represent the element that nourishes the prominent energy.

Here’s the list of feng shui birth elements and their best colors.


fields photo of the earth on the ground

People with the Earth energy are best in colors that represent the source of life. Shades of brown and light yellow are your lucky colors. Yellow is the color of the sun. It offers hope and happiness to those who see it. This color brings out energy, positivity, clarity, and enlightenment. It also symbolizes honor, intellect, and loyalty. Dull shades of yellow aren’t ideal to use as they convey sickness and jealousy.

Brown is the color of security and stability. It is elegant and warm. Often, this color is connected to winter and fall. It also represents simplicity. Because of its warmth, it is known to be friendly and approachable. Since it also reminds people of the ground and soil, it is often associated with words such as “all-natural” and “organic.” With this color, you can feel like you fit in and belong.


fire element feng shui

Those with Fire element often have vibrant personalities and are full of energy. Hence, the colors that represent their energy are those that easily attract the attention of others. You can choose between shades of red, orange, purple and pink. Meanwhile, you should go for bright yellows instead of dull ones. Yellows with less saturation are close to brown shades which are highly suitable to the Earth element.

To express love, passion, and sensitivity, you should use red. Red is associated with longing, lust, and romance. It also represents other deep feelings such as courage, rage, anger, and joy. It is the perfect color to symbolize power and confidence. Not everyone has the guts to express their deepest desires using an intense color.

On the other hand, you should turn to orange for happiness and enthusiasm. Orange shows creativity, success, and enjoyment. It also symbolizes health, balance, freedom, and fascination. It is an emotional color, yet it encourages people to be productive. It takes you back to the moments of being a kid where you can enjoy your unlimited creativity. It is the color of compassion. The mixture of yellow and red results in a stimulating hue that helps you recover from a broken heart.

If you to show off your feminine side, you should use pink. Pink is a delicate color. It represents sweetness, charm, and playfulness. It is the color for all things nice and tender. Pink automatically relates to bubble gum, flowers, babies, cotton candy and other things that are sweet. Besides these things, pink is for friendship, affection, harmony, and approachability. It is better to use pink over red if you want to achieve a sense of calmness.

Purple is the color of luxury and ambition and is believed to be the color of royalty. It shows extravagance, grandeur, and wealth. It also signifies wisdom, pride, peace, and devotion. You don’t often find them in nature. Thus, purple flowers thought of as delicate and precious. Purple uplifts the spirit, calms the mind, and preserves spirituality. Light shades of purple bring out feminine energy and induce nostalgia. Dark ones evoke feelings of sadness and frustration. Bright hues of purple inclines to riches and royalty


feng shui home decor metal lamps

Metal comes from the ground, so Earth element colors are also ideal for people with Metal energy. But, the best colors for metal energy are metallic hues such as gold, silver, brass, pewter. The basic colors for the Metal element are white and gray. These hues work well with other colors, but you should still use other colors in moderation to prevent overpowering the energy of your feng shui element.

If you aren’t in favor of white as your lucky color, you should know that it is a positive color. It signifies purity, goodness, innocence, and safety. It is the color for beginnings, humility, sincerity, and softness. Most of all, it represents perfection. It’s the perfect color for those who want to embody simplicity. At home, white means cleanliness. Hospitals and medical centers use this color to indicate safety.

Consequently, gray is a practical color. It is cool and balanced. It is neutral and emotionless as carries both the properties of black and white. It is formal, conservative and sophisticated even if it is often perceived as dull.

As for metallic colors, gold and silver are the most prominent. Gold is a warm color. It is known for wealth, riches and extravagance. Silver is similar to gray, but it is more fun and lively. It is the reminder of the progression of times where things are sleek and high-tech. Similar to gold, it brings elegance while being graceful and glamorous.


water on the sea

Water is moody and emotional. It draws its power from blue and black. Blue is the color of the sky and sea. Thus, it is often connected with open spaces, freedom, and imagination. It also represents depth. It is the best hue for intuition, sensitivity, and sincerity. It also the color for inspiration and intelligence. If you to feel a sense of calmness and serenity, then you must include shades of blue in your home decor and clothing. But, too much blue can come off as cold and uncaring. Electric blue is dynamic and dramatic which are best for engagement.

Another color that is best for the Water element is black. Black is for fear, mystery, elegance, and formality. It also exudes authority, rebellion, and sophistication. It is a serious color that shows strength and grief at the same time. The confidence it provides makes it a sexy color.


wood in the forest

Wood comes from trees. Naturally, you would think of brown as its color. But, the lucky color of the Wood element is green. Green is the sign of growth and renewal. It represents nature, freshness, fertility, and the environment. The tone is soothing and relaxing. It is also youthful as it reminds people of the spring season, a time when everything comes back to life. But, green also represents greed and money. Too much of exposure to the color can make people feel lethargic, placid, and slow.

These are the best colors for each element. Using them in your home or as part of your clothing attracts auspicious external chi and strengthens your inner energy. It’s best to find which element supports your feng shui birth element to have variety. That way, you’ll have a colorful life for years to come.

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