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What Secrets to Success can “Purple Star Astrology” Reveal?

We have what we often call as “life goals” or, those things we want to do, have or become in life. Have you ever wondered if what your ambitions will lead to great success? Is your job the right or wrong career for you? How does your relationship with your parents, friends or romantic partner affect on your destiny, and can you change it for the better? These are just some of the many vital questions that Zi Wei Dou Shou—better known as Purple Star Astrology–can answer.

“Purple Star Astrology is very specific in that it can reveal intimate details about your past and possible future. It is considered by many experts to be the most accurate form of astrology,” according to Master Hanz Cua, acclaimed Feng Shui master and expert on Purple Star Astrology Reading. “It can tell you why you have the problems or issues that you struggle with today, and it can give you insight on how you change your fate.”

Purple Star Astrology is a very ancient practice based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. A detailed chart of your life and destiny can be calculated based on the exact time of your birth date. According to the Purple Star system, there are over a hundred different stars in a person’s chart that affect his or her destiny. Some stars are only minor, but it is the major stars that need to be determined and understood so you can see how they affect the palaces in your life. There are said to be “12 palaces”  and these include Life, Sibling, Spouse, Children, Wealth, Health, Travel, Friends, Profession, Property, Enjoyment and Parent.

A few examples of how Purple Star Astrology can uncover the effect of the stars in your life’s palaces include:

Marriage palace – gives insight whether you will have marital bliss, what kind of character your significant other has, or if your relationship is destined for problems, even separation.

Wealth palace – indicates the source of income and how you manage your finances. Do you tend to lose money? If so, why and what you should do to change your luck.

Travel palace – is where you live right now giving you luck? This can give insight on whether relocating or migrating to a different city or country will help you find success.

Life Palace – carries the most weight in regards to your destiny because it details your personality, talents, good and bad traits. Your personality basically indicates where and how you can find luck, and why your negative traits may be holding you back from success in life.

If you are interested in discovering the different stars in your life chart and how they affect your personal destiny, you need to seek the services of a highly skilled and educated Zi Wei Dou Shou expert. “The stars that are present in your birth chart indicate what sort your life you have now,” says Master Hanz, “But you have the ability to change your luck and improve your destiny. Purple Star Astrology can show you how to maximize your luck potential to become happier in your relationships, more fulfilled in your career and more prosperous.”



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