What is Bazi?

In Chinese translation of words means Ëight Character also known as the Four Pillars of Destiny. As this derived from  pairs of characters, Bazi is a complete system of astrology that consists of hundreds and thousands of possible combinations. It is a classical study, with texts that go as far back as the Tang Dynasty. Bazi translates our birth information – a person’s year, month, day and hour of birth – into four pairs of distinct Chinese characters. Hence it is called the four pillars.

Eight Character are made up of Yin and Yang variations of Five elements ( Water, Wood, Metal, Fire and Earth) these represents the persons wealth ,personalities, obstacles, achievements, health etc in life.

The Benefits of knowing of Bazi, is to accelerate performance at work, strengthen relationships with love one and family members, overcome weaknesses, maximize the talents and potential, to know what year to be cautious and when to be aggressive.

A Fengshui master should first see the bazi of the client, which help him diagnose the problem and use the fengshui techniques as remedy.

Wealth Element

Wealth Element is the element that is destroyed by the day element. Wealth Element, to male, is also signifies his wife.



Output Element

Output Element is the element produced by the day master.


Output element represents a person’s creativity, intelligence, ability to perform, ability to rise to the occasion, or it can represent a person’s expressive abilities or quickness of mind. It also represents the ability to go against the norm, to achieve the extraordinary, to stand out in front of a crowd, to initiate a plan or to execute a strategy. Individual products, things he or she has created or invented. Person’s persuasive prowess, abilities or intelligence to produce outcomes or result at work, enables the person to express his or her ideas effectively and productively, to get the message across, to communicate and to persuade others.

If Output Element is a Favourable Element signifies strong personal drive and determination to succeed. Person will be creative and have talents relating to speaking, teaching, marketing or in performing arts like singing, dancing, acting, authors, musicians, and directors.

If Output Element is not Favourable this signifies individual is gullible, clash indicates problem with staff such as resigning or issues at work.