The Head Line

What the Head Line Reveals About Your Thoughts, Inspirations and Personality


headlineThe Head Line on your Palm is the line that starts below your pinky or small finger ans normally extends to the direction of your index finger.

  • Deep, thin head line – your mind is sharp, you have the ability to focus and solve complicated problems.
  • Wavy line – you have a short attention span; you get bored easily and find it hard to focus on tasks or subjects that require concentration.
  • A very long head line – indicates a certain level of deviousness. You have the ability to deceive other people; it can mean a tendency for criminal behavior.
  • Wisdom Line overlaps with the Life Line. You are shy and reserved, easy to become suspicious of others, and obsessive with details. You are prone to tension and anxiety. Your sleep tends to be light and easily disturbed.


  • The head line is separated from your life line – you are adventurous and energetic. You don’t like people who are “stick-in-the-mud”. You are a progressive thinker and like being the one in your group who is always trying out or exploring new things and experiences.
  • Long, straight line ending below the index finger – shows a rational thinker who favors common sense and organization. You are a realist and don’t have much patience for trivial pursuits or people who engage in personal drama.
  • Short, straight line – You tend to be very physical and not very interested in intellectual pursuits. You are a person of few words and prefer to express yourself through action.
  • Long, curved line that arcs up to the base of the middle finger – you are opinionated and a go-getter and have no problem expressing your thoughts and views to other people.
  • Short, curved line – you are a private person. You’re not very comfortable socializing and usually keep only a small group of well selected friends.
  • Line that splits in two – you are very generous, you tend to put other people’s needs ahead of your own.
  • Broken line – breaks in the line means that major life choices have been influenced by a traumatic event or circumstance.
  • Chain-like creases at the beginning of the head line – educational achievement has been troubled or is deficient due to poor financial background or bad home environment.

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