Date Selection

Feng Shui Date Selection: Capturing that Perfect Moment in Time

One of the most important factors for ensuring success when practicing Feng Shui is Date Selection. Having the right tools, cures and finding a good location is not fool proof that your actions will create the best possible result for important events. You also need excellent timing.

“Selecting the perfect day for an event or activity is about going with the flow of the cosmic energies so that you can get the most favorable outcome for your endeavors. When the three aspects of Heaven, Earth and Human luck are in harmony you tap into powerful auspicious ch’i that assures success and avoids the creation of major sha that will bring problems in the future,” says Master Hanz, expert in Feng Shui and Ba Zi for home and business analysis. “When you choose a day and time for your event that conflict with your personal destiny pillars, you will bring hindrances and difficulty on yourself and to the people connected with your venture.”

Date Selection began as far back the Han Dynasty in ancient China when the geomancers of old would seek to calculate which dates were auspicious to launch  military campaigns and advice state officials when to implement important political decisions. As the tradition developed further, date selection included more fundamental human activities such as selecting good days for farming, marriages, business and house moving.

Knowing the perfect date for your wedding, new business or home renovation can enhance the benevolent forces that will make your happy event even more successful and maximize the longevity of your good luck. Events and activities for which the perfect Date Selection is highly advised:

  • Groundbreaking for a new structure
  • Opening a new business
  • Space Clearing Ritual
  • Signing/negotiating business deals
  • Renovating a home or office
  • Moving into a new home or office address
  • Travel
  • Making a major purchase like home, car or appliance
  • Installing a stove for the home
  • Installing major computer server/machinery for a business
  • Selecting a Wedding Date
  • Activating Peach blossom luck for Singles
  • Selecting day for conceiving a child
  • Selecting day for caesarian section


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