Office/Commercial Space Clearing

Symptoms That Your Home or Office May Need Space Clearing

Just as when we physically clean our home or work place to get rid of junk and other useless debris, we also need to regularly clear the energy of our surroundings to bring in good luck and beneficial opportunitites. We are taught hygiene and cleanliness habits from a young age because having a clean person and orderly space make us feel mentally, physically and emotionally in harmony with our environment. This is the reason the maintenance of cleanliness and periodic renovation is highly important in Feng Shui tradition. Purifying the ch’i of your home or business is the way to keep positive luck-bringing energy flowing into your environment.

“A dirty or disordered living space is not just polluted by material debris,” Says Master Hanz Cua, trusted expert on Feng Shui ceremonies and rituals, “It also draws and holds on to negative energy. Negative energy is like an invisible cloud surrounding us, and our minds and emotions reflect the chaos. We make bad decisions, we become irritable and stressed, or we become too lazy to act and do the things we need to accomplish. Notice the people who live in dirty or shabby surroundings–they are frequently surrounded by ignorance, depression, strife and criminal behavior.”

It is even made worse, according to Master Cua, when this state of negative energy is allowed to become stagnant for long periods of time. Stale energy becomes destructive si ch’i, which brings bad luck, failed relationships and financial loss, even bankcruptcy. In extreme cases, it can attract ghosts or mischievous earth spirits to come into your home and haunt it. For such instances Master Cua advises that a ritual Space-Clearing Ceremony is necessary to bring back balance to the environment and re-invigorate positive ch’i.

You know your home or business needs space-clearing when:

  • When the house or building shows a lot of wear and tear like cracks, leaks, and broken furniture or equipment.
  • When you have plenty of clutter.
  • When you acquire a place, and the former owners had a history of bad luck, especially if the building was sold due to foreclosure.
  • A crime or break-in has occured.
  • A fire or other disaster has damaged the place.
  • You feel disturbed, cannot sleep in your home, or cannot concentrate on your work and there’s no apparent reason for your uneasiness.
  • Plants are dying even when they are cared for.
  • Your pets are constantly agitated and you don’t know why.
  • Appliance and other utilities (electricity and plumbing) are constantly breaking down no matter how often you maintain them.
  • There are hauntings, unexplained sounds and smells or paranormal activity.

For these ceremonies to be a guaranteed effective, they must be in sync with the cycles of the sun and moon, the favorable hours, and performed on an auspicious date. Master Hanz Cua is an expert in Feng Shui space clearing and cleansing, prosperity ritual rituals, Bazi and Zi Wei Dou Shu (Emperor Purple Star Astrology. He is frequently consulted by the Philippines’ top businessmen, TV networks and radio shows for his advice and will be most happy to offer his services to help you improve your chances of increasing the happiness, success, and wealth of your new ventures.



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