4 Pillars of Destiny

Four Pillars of Destiny: Discover The Road-map to Success & Happiness

Do you wonder if there was a way to figure out what destiny holds in store for you and whether you can become better or more successful than you already are?  Wouldn’t it wonderful if you could plan ahead and maximize the opportunities that will bring you a better job? A more satisfying relationship? More money?

There is branch of Chinese Astroloogy, known by its traditional name Ba Zi, but better known as the Art of the Four Pillars of Destiny. This system of astrology provides you with a complete birthchart that maps out the different stages of your life. Master Hanz Cua, expert in Feng Shui home and business analysis and Ba Zi Reading, says that among the aims of Ba Zi astrology is to interpret your possible destiny through the four pillars that that represent the four aspects of your life. The Four Pillars are calculated based on your complete birthdate: the day, month, year, and hour of birth. The Four Pillars represent:

Hour Pillar – siblings, children or offspring, old age.

Day Pillar – yourself (also known as Day Master), astrological animal, marriage prospects.

Month Pillar – relationship with parents, friends and co-workers and life skills.

Year Pillar – childhood circumstances and experiences growing up, ancestor lineage, reputation in society.

What can  a Ba Zi reading tell you?

  • Your lucky and unlucky elements, and how to utilized element remedies so that you can harness your good fortune.
  • What is the career that will bring you the most success.
  • Your romance luck, whether you and your partner are compatible, and how you can strengthen your relationship
  • Your money/wealth luck, whether you have the ability to make money or why you tend to lose money.
  • Your lucky periods for important deals and decisions like: starting a business, getting married, having children, travelling, buying a home, car and other major purchases.

Master Cua explains: “Forewarned is forearmed, as the saying goes. Knowing when the right time is to carry out major undertakings and taking advantage of your good luck elements will increase your chance for success and personal fulfillment. While knowing what elements are contrary to you can assist you plan out how minimize or avoid your weaknesses. For example, a person whose birth chart reveals that his favorable elements are Water and Wood and is interested in creative arts, would do best to choose  a career in Design or Communications (represented by Water), or Architecture or Engineering (represented by Wood). Reading the chart and knowing what is best for you is crucial in the skill of the Ba Zi reader to give the correct interpretations.”

If you are interested to have your Four Pillars charted and interpreted by a highly learned and reputable Ba Zi reader, Master Cua can provide a full report with a personalized diagnosis of your destiny pillars that will give you a better understanding to face the challenges that are written in your stars.