The Life Line

What the Life Line Reveals About Your Character, Career, Ambitions and Health


The Life Line is the line that begins close to the thumb, below your index finger and will usually curve in an arcdown towards the base of the palm. It is often located below the Heart Line, but sometimes the the Heart and Life line are joined together and form a “Y”.

  •  Short line – contrary to popular belief, a short line does not indicate a short life. It means you are one who takes a practical and steady path in life, can think fast and make solid decisions about what you want. You are also capable of overcoming tough physical challenges.
  •  Long, straight line extending across the palm – indicates a stable personality. You don’t make hasty decisions and like to think things over carefully before taking action. A deeply marked line shows good health and vitality and plenty of physical energy.
  •  Shallow line means you have difficulty making decisions for yourself.


You are more of a follower and not a leader.

  • Line that splits in two – You are someone who is broadminded and able to contemplate opposing viewpoints. May also indicate change of direction in your life and career or travel to far places.
  •  Long, curved line extending to the bottom corner of the palm – You are unique and quick-witted. You often make unconventional decisions and follow the beat of your own drum.
  • Branched lines-upward lines show capability to succeed in life while downward lines show weakness, or poor emotional/ physical health.
  •  Line swoops in a semi-circle, you are strong but affectionate. You take time before you reveal your emotions, but when you do you give it all out.
  •  Life line is very close to the thumb – sign of poor physical constitution. You get tired easily and don’t have much stamina..
  •  Chain lines or broken line – indicates change or interruptions due to accidents, a serious illness or external events like a natural calamity.
  • A circle in your life line you may have general good health that is broken by a significant injury or illness which causes hospitalization.
  • Weak or broken line – indicates poor physical health. There may be chronic illness or stress in your life.

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