Ground Breaking Ritual

Rituals and Ceremonies to Enhance the Auspiciousness of Your Home or Business

Starting a business enterprise or construction? Buying a new home or car? Each time we acquire new property or start a new project, it is always highly recommended by Feng Shui tradition to do some kind of clearing or invocation ceremony.

Master Hanz Cua, expert and highly consulted master in Feng Shui Rituals in the Philippines, says, “Whenever you start a new venture, develop real estate, or make major appliance purchases, you carry out an action that creates disruptive changes in the energy of your environment. There is the possibility that you can disturb the cosmic forces in a way that invokes negative energy or agitate the spirits inhabiting the area, making them angry. It is therefore important to perform certain rituals and ceremonies to appeal to the benevolent entities to give their approval for the new project or structure. In certain cases where ch’i of the land or building has been ‘wounded’ by unfortunate events like death and illness, natural and man-made disaster, or even corrupt activities of the former owners, a ceremony to heal and purge the place of the prevailing negative energy must be done.”

Ground Breaking

This ceremony prepares the land and honors the spirits of the earth in order to make it ready for construction. This ceremony may involve chants, prayers, and ritual offerings (fruit, rice, wine, incense and articles like holy relics or coins) to call upon auspicious cosmic forces to protect and bless the construction. It is also a means to neutralize any residual negative energies that may cause accidents or delays to the work.

Space Clearing

This ritual is frequently done for a home or building that has been in existence for a long time and whose energy may have become stagnant and unfavorable. Space-clearing is way to remove the imprint of the old atmosphere and its former inhabitants (if ownership of the place has transferred to new tenants) and usher in fresh energy. The ritual will involve:
a physical clean-up of the premises a spiritual cleansing with prayers and incense smudging.


This is done after construction of a new structure or space-clearing for an existing building has been achieved. A blessing is a form or spiritual “programming”, which means dedicating a specific purpose to the place, whether for business or for personal use. You asking your particular god or spirit guide for success and good luck. This may involve sprinkling of holy water or burning of incense while ritual prayers are recited.

When is it advisable to have a Feng Shui Ritual?

  • Bless or cleanse the land prior to construction
  • Before the opening any business venture.
  • To neutralize and heal geopathic stress in the land, if the place has been subject to a recent natural disaster or a man-made conflict that resulted in suffering or deaths.
  • Clear or bless the energy of an existing building that has been bought or inherited from a previous owner.
  • When there has been recurring illness or accidents, or supernatural disturbance like ghosts and hauntings.
  • When the property itself is surrounded by a bad neighborhood characterized by crimes or poverty.
  • As a regular maintenance to refresh the energy of a place. Like a car or machine that needs “tune-ups”, rituals and blessings should be performed for homes and businesses whenever there are special occasions, holidays and social events, and after a renovation.

For these ceremonies to be a guaranteed effective, they must be in sync with the cycles of the sun and moon, the favorable hours, and performed on an auspicious date. Master Hanz Cua is an expert in Feng Shui space clearing and cleansing, prosperity ritual rituals, Bazi and Zi Wei Dou Shu (Emperor Purple Star Astrology. He is frequently consulted by the Philippines’ top businessmen, TV networks and radio shows for his advice and will be most happy to offer his services to help you improve your chances of increasing the happiness, success, and wealth of your new ventures.


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