Feng Shui on How to Stop Leak of Wealth

If there’s one thing we all wish to achieve, it’s the continuous flow of wealth in our life. We attribute the abundance of our wealth on luck, but luck rarely has to do with the abundance and blessings in our life. Most of the time, it has to do with the chi in the environment.

The chi in the area can be enhanced and influenced through feng shui. The placement of furniture and the state of the items at home can make or break the energy. Broken items, for example, attracts dormant energy. A room full of unused items traps the flowing chi and makes it stagnant. Inactive life force is sluggish and can affect everything in the area, including the flow of wealth.

Take a look around your home. Are there things at home that allows the leak of wealth? If there are, you can apply these feng shui tips to minimize the leakage of wealth.

Get rid of broken stuff

Keeping broken, outdated and worn-out items that are often unused and in danger of decaying in storage only inhibit energy. These things prevent the fresh batch of energy to enter the room. When that happens, the stagnant force will attract the same kind of force until the area becomes a dump of negative chi.

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A room filled with faulty appliances cracked mirrors, and flickering lights are negators of luck. Moreover, it is not conducive to work in that kind of place. The cracks in the mirror can affect how you see life as mirrors reflect chi. Broken mirrors can act as barriers and reveal the opposite. On the other hand, burned out bulbs contribute to darkness. Poor lit rooms can enhance the shadow and darkness, which can also affect your view of the future. Improving the brightness in each room is more likely to attract wealth as it opens the space for possibilities.


Clear the entrance

Doors are crucial in feng shui. These are the entryways of chi. When taking into account the guide to feng shui, it is essential to have a clear path. Good energy, especially the new ones enter through the front door. It’s best to keep in clean and clear of clutter. Moreover, it helps when there are no items that prevent the chi from entering the space.

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Placing a mirror directly in the door’s opening reflects the chi back outdoors. Having staircase in a small foyer also forces the energy out. On the outside, a cluttered front door with dirty doorknobs, faded paint, and rusty fixtures wards off the energy.


Attend to repairs

Water is the element that influences the emotions. Too much water can be the start of emotional turmoil. Dryness from the well or lack of moisture is a sign of shortage in money while too much of water, often resulting in mold, makes a force that pushes you to spend more. Whatever water issues you may have at home must be attended as soon as possible to prevent volatile emotions from clouding financial decisions.

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Thus, leaking water signifies the drain of wealth. Allowing the leak the leak drain the abundance and prosperity in the space. Attend to dripping faucets, pipes and tubes as soon as possible.

Other than water fixtures, attend to broken items immediately. Neglecting to follow up on little fixes will show your lack of enthusiasm to accept blessings.


Revive the place

Good energy would enter an attractive space, but if it doesn’t have a pleasant vibe, it will not stay. Make sure an area is a place you enjoy. If you do not enjoy spending time in the space, the chi is also unlikely to spread and be absorbed.

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The place should make you comfortable. It should contain the pieces of furniture puts you at home. Moreover, it should have functional items fit for your lifestyle. The things don’t have to be new; it has to work. If you have plants, keep them thriving and green to continue the growth of wealth. Dead plants are signs of dead energy.

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Other than plants, food is also a sign of wealth. Moldy, half-eaten and expired containers of food in the fridge should go to the bin. Retaining the old snacks to rot is a sign of squandering wealth. Meanwhile, stoves represent the capacity to feed people. Maintaining the burners clean and keeping them functioning shows you care for health.

Other aspects of your home such as dusty windows and mismatched hardware can cloud your vision. It can also be the source of idleness which can hinder the progress of life.


Close off open portals

Allowing openings such as doors, toilet lids and windows unclosed at all times releases the energy. It keeps the chi from spreading in the room as it encourages the chi to leave the room quickly.window, open, light, bedroom, room, home

Keeping doors ajar at all times pushes the energy to the opening. At the same time, it causes the life force to transfer to other rooms. Remember to close them off in the afternoon, when most of the people are at home and want to renew their inner energy.

You also need to take note of the toilet lid. Leaving the toilet seat upright sucks an enormous amount of energy. The force is much stronger when water is flushed out. The large opening attracts the chi and washes it to the drain. Consequently, toxic energy from the sewage re-enters the bathroom when the toilet seat is left upright.

These practical applications cover the placement and state of items at home. They are the foundations of a house with feng shui. However, positive energy isn’t only in space. It is in the person. To spread chi and retain wealth, try to give with no expectations. When you give, give freely and try not to expect something in return. Another thing is becoming grateful of the things that come your way. Be thankful for the opportunities and gifts as they are part of your fortune. Most of all, be thankful for the new day that gives you the chance to grow your wealth.

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