How to Find Your Feng Shui Money Area

Knowing the part of your home or office that contributes to your wellbeing and fortune changes a person’s perspective on life. They become aware of the spaces they occupy and its influence on their experience and future.

Identifying the money area is one aspect of feng shui Philippines. There are different ways to find the money area. It’s best to use a method that is clear and concise so it will be easy to implement the changes that will enhance the energy in the area.

Finding the Money Area

There are five ways to find the money area of your home. Any of the following methods are used to identify your money area.

  • Southeast or upper left area of the Bagua
  • Kua Number
  • Annual Wealth Star

The well-known method to identify the feng shui money area is by using the bagua. A bagua is a tool used to analyze the energy of a space. It can be used as a map that shows the areas of the home and office that can influence specific areas of life. Bagua is the Chinese term for “eight ways,” which represents the eight areas of life.

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One of those areas includes wealth, which is responsible for bringing money, opportunities and abundance in the area. Using the bagua, you can find the money area in your home by identifying which rooms are in the Southeast direction. All the rooms in that direction have a strong influence on enriching the flow of money in your home as it serves as the wealth corner.

Other than the Southeast, another direction that is considered part of the wealth corner is the North. The rooms in that direction are related to career and path in life. Money follows when you have a flourishing work life and a steady flow of opportunities.

Using the bagua is a simple way to identify which parts of the home needs focus and rearrangement. Mapping the floor plan of the house will help point out the rooms and the location that significantly influences the money flow of the family. If relying on the bagua proves to be a difficult feat, the Kua number and annual wealth star are the other methods for locating the wealth area.

Improving the flow of money

After identifying the Southeast and the North parts of your home, having elements and items that will enhance the flow of energy is essential. The following tips are useful to encourage the abundant chi.

1. Include the feng shui elements in the areaplant, green, pot, ground, home, feng shui philippines

An element represents each area of life. Wood supports the Southeast direction, the space where wealth and money flourish. Consequently, water and earth strengthen wood. The earth or ground provides a solid foundation for growth while the water offers nourishment.

Improving the money flow in an area requires you to integrate the elements. Thus, the place needs the items that represent the elements.

Wood, for example, translates to healthy and lush greens. Thriving plants are best included in the area. A money plant, lucky bamboos or any air purifying indoor plant must be present in the area. Images of forests and vibrant leaves, grasses, and trees is another way to bring the element in the space.

There must be a fountain or a stream of water to support the wood elements and the items representing money. If that’s not possible, a photo of a body of water such as an ocean, the sea, a lake, a river or a waterfall will still do wonders for the room. It’s important to include a clean image of flowing liquid. Refrain from stagnant and murky waters.

Besides the visual representation of water, using a mirror is another way to complement the wood element.

To show off the element of earth, a display of land formations and natural landscapes such as beaches, mountains, canyons, and hills is necessary.

2. Highlight the shapes of the feng shui decor

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Some forms relate to the feng shui elements. Incorporating decorations and home elements with the shapes attract the right energy to the area.

Earth elements are best in squares while wood should have a rectangular shape. Water elements are fluid. Hence, they are mostly wavy or contains ripple effects.

Applying the shapes in picture frames, fabric patterns, wallpaper designs and other decorative items.

3. Engage the senses

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Activate the sense of sight and smell by including the best feng shui colors and dosing them with fresh scents.

Including the right colors activates the elements and provides a calming environment for the chi. Green, brown, blue, black, earthy or light yellow are the best hues to use in the space.

A touch of red or similar colors can be used, but it’s best to keep them at a minimum. Warm colors should not be the primary color of the room and should only serve as an accent. Use it as a supporting color to stimulate the energy of the area.

To increase the appeal of the wealth area, keep the place smelling fresh. Abundant energy likes to dwell in clean and pleasant spaces. Therefore, aromas of essential oils, fresh flowers or scented candles are highly-encouraged. A diffuser will help the spread and maintain the sweet scent.

4. Display luxury and wealth

A reminder of luxury, wealth, and prosperity also helps attract the chi that carries abundance and opportunities.

It is a great tool that will help set goals and plan actions that magnets the lively surge of money. A diorama of a yacht or a scenic photo of a vacation destination are some examples of decorations that exhibit grandeur and hidden aspirations. A picture of gold nuggets or bars can also be used in the area as long as the meaning of wealth is depicted in the image.

These tips will attract new energy and help retain the lively flow in your money area. Applying feng shui in the home or workplaces is not only used for safety and luck. The practices are also ideal for opening opportunities that lead to a better life. There will be more opportunities for the family as the doors for a career, and sources of wealth open their doors.

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