5 Feng Shui Successful Career Tips

A successful career stems from hard work. Working towards the goals you set for the year and the targets you want to achieve is the key to stepping up the ladder. Even if feng shui Philippines says otherwise, you can still have progress if you set your mind to believing that it is possible.

You can still make the most of your remaining days at the office even if the year is about to end. Here are five tips inspired by Feng Shui practices that will help navigate the waters of your work life.


1. Know which directions work to your advantage.

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Feng shui is all about placement. Thus, it’s important to take charge of your energy flow through the pieces of furniture in each room in your home and specific areas of your office. You can achieve by prioritizing the command position. At the same time, take note of your lucky feng shui directions.

How To Find The Find Lucky Directions

The lucky directions are essential in feng shui as they aide in absorbing the best quality of energy flowing in an area. Each person’s areas of luck are different. You can find your own set of directions by knowing your Kua number. You can find your Kua number using a chart. Find your year of birth based on your gender as the value of the number is different for each sex.

The same details apply in spotting your feng shui lucky directions. You need to use your birth details and gender to find out your course along with your Kua number. Each person has four lucky directions while the remaining ones serve as the opposite.

Make Use of The Command Position

A piece of furniture is said to be in a commanding position when it allows you to get a view of the door without directly facing it. A view of the door is similar to taking charge of your life. You can see what goes in and out of the area and allows you prepare yourself for the situation.

The command position is essential in the bedroom, living room, and workplaces. Your bed, chairs, couch, or office desk are some pieces of furniture that will benefit from a command position. Positioning the working table with the view of the door lessens unexpected occurrences in life. On the other hand, placing the bed in a space that allows you to see what comes in and out of the room minimizes vulnerability.

There are several spots you can occupy in any space but the farthest corner from the door is the most active energy magnet.


2. Identify the Feng Shui direction that leverages your success.

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Images of water represent the element for the North.

The feng shui direction that influences your career and life path are the areas in the North. Thus, you need to focus on all the rooms in that direction. The room must contain all the necessary elements that complement and attracts energy in the place.

The element for the North is water, so you need to nourish the area with a fountain or flowing water. If you plan to include a water feature in the area, make sure the liquid flows freely. The water should continue to run and maintain its transparency. The same applies to images of bodies of water. It shouldn’t be murky and filled with dirt as it won’t help with the energy in the area.

Mirrors, black image of Buddha, blue wall paint, items in blue such as vases, photo frames and lighting are examples of design elements that represent water. You can also add feng shui success cures such as a map of the world and black and white photos of successful people in their careers. Make sure you get to display the fruits of your success. Hang and highlight various awards and recognitions you gained throughout the years.

3. Include traditional Feng Shui cures.

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Use the symbols of the horse and the dragon in the North part of your home or office. You can even place these items in the areas you frequent.

The horse is effective in attracting the energy of success, fame, freedom, and speed. Its effect is dominant in the South – the Feng Shui direction for reputation – compared to other areas of the bagua. People whose zodiac sign bears the animal also benefits from the symbol especially when they place it in their lucky direction.

Another symbol promising symbol is the dragon. The animal represents the yang or male energy. A pearl or crystal featured on a dragon’s claw indicate wealth, power and myriad of opportunities.

4. Emphasize the blaze in the South.

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If there’s another direction that actively influences career success (or both as separate entities) is the South. It represents fame and reputation which can positively or negatively impact an individual’s public image.

It is much better to have the energy in this area activated regardless if it’s your home, office or workplace. The chi in the room affects even at the subconscious level.

Thus, you need to support the fire element in the area. You can include images of fire or the colors that represent it. Photos and abstract works of art with hues of reds, oranges, yellows, and purple encourage fiery energy. Lights also embody the heat and flames of fire. Tall light fixtures, in particular, are energy influencers. The size and overall design of the lamp must fit the aesthetic of the room and retain the harmony with the rest of the items in it.

If your area comes with a fireplace, make sure it is in the Southern direction.


5. Provide a solid visual anchor for success.

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You attract the things you manifest. When you surround your career area with items and images that demonstrate an enjoyable career, you retain the same kind of energy in your space and extends to your life. Include daily affirmations of your skills, strengths, and success. Materialize your mantra and spread it in the directions that influence your career’s success.

Besides these tips, it’s also helpful to maintain a clutter-free and organized Career, Fame and Reputation area. Neat and well-balanced rooms allow life forces to spread in the area and flow without restrictions. When energy is fresh and abundant, your inner chi also benefits from it. The feng shui Philippines and horoscope will only get you far if you actively work on it.

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