Start the New Year With A Clean Slate

This year is the year of the brown dog – a loyal, caring and, trustworthy animal of the Chinese zodiac. Moreover, the dog is a grounded sign. Earth feng shui element rules the Dog Chinese zodiac. Consequently, the year 2018 is the year of the Earth Dog. The harmony between the feng shui element and the Chinese zodiac brings bountiful blessings to everyone. The grounded chi of the new year is calmer and more stable compared the year of the Fire Rooster. Last year served as the preparation and foreground for new opportunities.

Thus, it is best to leave past experiences, stagnant chi and stumbles where they belong. They are all part of the previous chapters of life. Reminiscing the events of the past is not a problem, but trying to relive them this year will not bring prosperity and abundance brought by the Earth Dog. Embracing the change and making room for improvements are vital to getting ready for what’s to come.

Getting ready for the Year of the Earth Dog doesn’t have to include a list of meticulous items to accomplish. Often, it involves everyday activities and simple acts of kindness. However, some of the processes may overlap. It’s important to note that starting the year with a clean slate is different from picking an act to start over. To avoid the confusion, here are some ways that will help you spot-clean the areas of your life that need clarity. It helps to know your zodiac Philippines to know if the Earth Dog will be on your side this year.

1. Start over

Nitpick the gritty details of the aspects of your life. Find out which are parts of you and which are the habits you learn in the course of your life. Use the new year to let go of destructive behavior. You must leave anything that spurs your growth and energy flow.

Once you’ve figured the manners and attitude to unlearn, you need to start working on them. You must be mindful of you the way you accomplish things. That way, you will know how to counteract them. At the same time, you can adopt new behavior for yourself.

When you adjust yourself to follow your goals and long-term vision, you begin to set new rules for yourself. These rules will come from personal conduct. Still, you must keep in mind that new patterns of living gravitate towards making a better and improved version of you.

2. Accept what you can’t change.

Besides your inner struggle, other areas of your life will need spot cleaning. Some of them are flexible and will bend and break at will. Examples are jobs, chores, and obligations. You can drop them off and pick a new one. It won’t be easy, but each outcome comes from your choice.

Unfortunately, not everything is within your control. Money flow, culture, and relationships among your close-knit kin and friends are the examples of these. You can have a say in them, but you cannot implement the change on your own. When you accept the fact and release the need for control, you gain a sense of peace and understanding.

There will no longer be pressure for wanting everything to be perfect. You won’t berate yourself for the mistakes of each circumstance. Most of all, you learn to follow the flow of life.

3. Redefine your goals.

Once you’ve cleared your head and energy, you can start working on your vision. You can start by creating a map of the things you want to achieve and create. You can also make plans that tackle a specific problem.

Your goals for the year may be different from your long-term vision. It may change each year as you get through the challenges of life. It’s alright to give in to changes. It is not wrong to open yourself and allow your being to grow. Regular self-checks and meditation give you a chance to ponder on the details and tinker parts of yourself hidden in plain sight.

4. Forgive yourself and others.

It’s easy to hold onto anger and to drown yourself in pain especially when it’s your second nature. When something is part of you far too long, you become afraid of the unfamiliar. Forgiveness is almost a foreign feeling to most people. The distorted thinking related to the idea repels you for taking responsibility for yourself. The act of forgiving is virtually similar to cleaning after destruction. It clears up your being and prepares it to accept peace.

When you forgive, you make your healing a priority. You accept the marks you and others left on you. You decide to move forward with the scars and understand that only you can help yourself heal your wounds. Moreover, you won’t let the experiences define you. You take control of how you will react to the present and the future because you realize the power never left you all along.

If forgiveness doesn’t come quickly for you, you can start by writing or voicing out each thought you have towards people and events that made an impact in your life. Letting it out allows you to observe your feelings and responses. It helps you become objective of the situation. It also clears your head and makes you aware of how you deal with the situation.

After letting everything out, find out which are emotions are the outcome of the circumstance and which ones are within you for a long time. Recurring sentiments are the ones you need to work on as they might be the ones keeping you from letting go of ill feelings.

5. Do some cleaning.

Sometimes, starting from scratch is also similar to clearing out your space. Whether it’s your room, entire home or office cubicle, you must remove the physical remnants of your past life. Disposing of broken items and donating or giving away unused books and clothes are some ways to let go of the objects tied to the events of last year. Sweeping the floor, dusting nooks and crannies and maintaining a fresh aura in the areas you frequent attracts luck and brings good energy.

Why not enhance your spaces while at it? Decorate your living room with crystals. Amethyst, carnelian, hematite and Tiger’s Eye sustain energy levels. Each stone’s color and healing properties are useful aids in the Year of the Earth Dog. Amethyst represents the color of the year – Ultra Violet – while the remaining stones represent the Earth feng shui element.

Try adding splashes of color to each room. Color is a powerful way of depicting feng shui elements. Since this year’s focuses on the Earth element, having the colors of the ground, soil, and touches of green attracts the energy. Meanwhile, including shades and hues from its supporting element – fire – nourishes the existing chi in the area.

These five steps provide the blank canvas you need to traverse the Year of the Earth Dog. The new year is sure to give great news and blessings to everyone regardless of their Chinese zodiac. The best thing you can do to ensure your luck this year is to pass it forward. Treat everyone you meet with kindness. Share your blessings, whether it’s tangible or not. Most of all, keep an open mind for what’s to come.

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