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Start the New Year With A Clean Slate

January 10, 2018

This year is the year of the brown dog – a loyal, caring and, trustworthy animal of the Chinese zodiac. Moreover, the dog is a grounded sign. Earth feng shui element rules the Dog Chinese zodiac. Consequently, the year 2018…

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The Bad Stuff in Our Homes

April 17, 2017
toys, furniture, junk, clutter, trash, garbage. throw out, old

If you’re waiting for a sign to start tackling your emotional relationship with stuff crowding your home, this is it. We accumulate clutter every day from work emails, to-do lists on sticky notes, grocery eco bags to give away pens….

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10 Omens of Good Fortune

October 01, 2016

An omen is an event or incident which signifies that something good or bad is going to happen. Omens vary from different peoples and cultures. Others religiously believe in omen while some do not. Before you say that these are…

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Where is the money area in your house and how to enhance it?

March 05, 2016
money area in the house

Ok! Let’s admit, we all want to talk about money. How can we earn money? Are there any easy and effective ways to double or triple the money that we earned? What and what not to do when we…

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