2018 Chinese Horoscope: Predictions for the Year of the Dog

The Chinese New Year this 2018 starts on Friday, February 16. It observes the Chinese zodiac which runs on a 12-year cycle. Moreover, Chinese New Year follows the lunar cycle. The phases of the moon inspired the formation of the Chinese calendar.

Other than the movements of the moon, the Chinese calendar also tracks the agricultural pattern of plowing, sowing, nurturing, and harvesting crops. Thus, the Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival especially in countries of East Asia.

The upcoming Chinese New Year is the Year of the Dog. The Chinese horoscope theory suggests the Earth element is related to mountains. Two mountains sit side by side, or one of the mountains is beyond another in a figurative sense. Thus, 2018 is a grounded year.

Predictions of Year of the Earth Dog

The strong connection between the Chinese zodiac and the feng shui element pushes people to focus on agriculture, environment, real estate, religious or spirituality and territorial integrity. Success in these endeavors come to people with balanced elements. Each person has their Chinese zodiac and dominating feng shui. Thus, the flow of their 2018 depends on how they will go through the challenges with the help of the elements.

Still, everyone will experience luck and abundance throughout the year. It’s best to look out for the surprises of in the coming months. Each Chinese zodiac will have their ups and downs.


The cunning Rats will have mixed progress this year. They will have a clear mind that will contribute to their career and reputation. However, there will be financial losses and cycles in love and relationships.



As the year progresses, there will be a few misfortunes along the way such as open and secret competitions and accumulating wealth through lawsuits among other things. Fortunately, your patience and the aid of other will turn tables for you. Movement and engagement with others lead you to positive sources of energy. Their happy events will help you resist the negative energy from the stars and spirits.


2018 affects a Tiger’s relationship with a lot of people. Tigers will be volatile as they become emotional, uneasy and unable to give their trust to family members and colleagues. Choosing rationality and analyzing the situation before arriving at a decision.


Rabbits seeking fame and fortune will experience progress this year. Employed Rabbits will experience financial increase. Businesses drabbling in creativity will flourish. Emotional disputes can result in financial losses. Thus, love isn’t on the Rabbit’s side this year.


The Dog and Dragon Chinese zodiac aren’t the best of friends. Thus, people with the Dragon Chinese zodiac needs to minimize personal disputes and conflict with friends, contacts, and associates. They must learn to be flexible as the year can be a tough one for them.

They will have no luck when it comes to money and face obstacles in their careers. Asserting dominance and originality especially when in a position of power negates the impact of bad luck. Step away from risky expenditures and investments.

The spouses of married Dragons will benefit from the added attention and care. Single Dragons must go slow and steady to become successful in their pursuit of a love interest.


A discovery, innovation, and invention will pay big dividends if the person is born under the year of the Snake. The business will succeed and lead to rewards concerning marketing campaigns. Personal relationships aren’t much of a worry. As long as someone is there to help the Snake, he or she can overcome the situation.

On the downside, Snakes must hold their tongues to avoid tension. It’s best to listen to words and exchanges to refrain forming enemies. It also helps to remain vigilant in all situations to prevent sudden accidents.


A currently employed Horse Chinese Zodiac will have opportunities during the day. Overall, they will have a pleasant year as the zodiac is part of the compatible groups. People in the zodiac must learn to be humble as luck is unstable.

They may enjoy an expensive taste so they must learn to save and invest their earning. Romantic relationships are short but exciting. The trick is to enjoy the ride.

Goat or Sheep


The Goat or Sheep will have a combination of luck this year. Becoming proactive and keeping tabs on various aspects of life and work are exceptional endeavors to explore. It prepares them for surprises and changes like seeking opportunities away from the hometown.

Building a strong foundation in areas of life will attract luck and success. Working Goats and Sheeps will be rewarded for their competence, friendliness, and service. Nonetheless, they have a fragile interpersonal relationship. Becoming open-minded and keeping a low-profile instead of immersing in a trifle.


Now is an ideal time for Monkeys to change their direction if studying. They should be aware of their travel and watch out for weather changes. They must also cut back on their expenses.

It helps to set a plan when venturing a relationship. Treading lightly is the key to a smooth flow.


This year grants a fresh start for the Rooster Chinese zodiac. A steady flow of income is in store for them this year. Avoiding disputes will retain their gains. Besides finance and career opportunities, married couples will experience a drastic change – the birth of a child or divorce due to an affair.


The year will be better as long as people born in this year will keep themselves from ‘biting’ or involving in disputes. Practice self-control to become less reliant on emotions. Emotional turmoil will emphasize anger and fights. Accidents and breakdowns are on the way. Dogs shouldn’t force their way to relationships. Work and establish the friendship first.


The fears of the past year can manifest this year, but there will be happy events such as a wedding, promotion, pregnancy, and buying a house.

Diligent employees will benefit from exceptional skills and relationships in the workplace. A deep personal relation is a key to wealth creation.

These predictions are a guide to a person’s fortune this 2018. A psychic Manila or fortune teller in the Philippines doesn’t control a person’s life, so the outcome of each event varies. There’s more to life than sticking to zodiac predictions. It’s best to do good to one’s self and to others to continue living in harmony.



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