Costless Feng Shui, Spend Little to No Money in Feng Shui

Contrary to popular belief, feng shui doesn’t need to cost a fortune to be effective. You can apply feng shui practices in your home, office, and car without spending a huge amount. Though the practice requires the assistance of a fortune teller Manila, it doesn’t mean you need to pay a hefty price.

You can spend almost nothing by brushing up on feng shui knowledge, using of free resources online and offline and utilizing what you already have. Besides these, there are other ways to bring wealth and opportunity to your home. You can read the tips below which will help you achieve a costless feng shui.

Find materials on Feng Shui

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The simplest way to save money despite wanting to apply the feng shui tips at your dwelling spaces by looking for reading materials and other educational resources.

Standard feng shui practices will be available in print. There are also a bunch of resources from the Internet, but the history of the practice is more credible in books. Take time to read books on the records of feng shui to understand its origin.

Others consider feng shui as an art while others subscribe to feng shui because it is part of their culture. They identify with the practices, so they keep the tradition alive. There will be different approaches and views, so it pays to keep an open mind and absorb the text.

Subscribe to Free Consultation from Experts

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Some feng shui experts offer a free consultation for first-timers. You may take this opportunity to have them inspect your home and identify which parts of your home needs improvement. After they hand out their recommendations, you may express your interest and settle the questions you have in mind over tea. Thus, you get insider tips on feng shui straight from the master. The feng shui master will give you accurate information on the ways of feng shui and correct any wrong information you got from your research.

Trial and Error

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Feng shui suggests that certain positions, materials, and sizes in and within the structure of the house will help the chi flow freely and attract energy. There are times when these tips do not apply to our current home. Does it mean you have to move? More importantly, do you have to make costly renovations?

To apply changes without spending a fortune, explore your current options. Begin by moving the items around the house. Learn to be flexible and try not to be afraid of making mistakes in the process. Instead of going for drastic home alterations, apply the tips according to the structure of your home.

If the front door is directly in the staircase, find ways to prevent the energy from leaving the space like using an updated bookshelf as a divider. You can also use the power of color to bring energy at to the rooms. Placing a red ornament on the door and by its frame will entice a fresh batch of chi. Having pops of bright yellow or orange will help with creative energy while blue and green bring calmness and success at work.

Utilize Natural Resources

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Incorporate elements of nature such as fire, plants, stones, water, and wood into your home. Each element influences energy differently. Therefore, having an element or two in the area may alter or enhance the flow of chi. Other than the elements of nature you can also use sensory stimuli.

Blasting upbeat tunes affects the sense of hearing while filling the space with happy and energizing sounds. Opening the windows each morning allows fresh air to fill the room and replace the odors in it. You can use an aromatherapy diffuser to enhance the mood through the fragrant smell. Incorporating these actions won’t cost your wallet.

Do It Yourself

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Sometimes, an intense deep cleaning session is the key for good luck. If that’s the case, why not do it yourself?

Hiring a cleaning service to do the job will save you time, but it can be impractical if you have extra hours to spare. It’s better to do the responsibility of tidying the space yourself than entrusting it to someone else. Consequently, you and other people who spend most of the time at home would know the secrets of the area better than anyone else.

Swap the Items With No Purpose

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Of the steps on feng shui, decluttering is the most practical at keeping a balanced energy at home. However, people often mistake decluttering to throwing things out. The act of decluttering can also involve swapping the things that no longer serve its purpose to items that bring greater value.

As days pass, we often forget the amount of stuff we have lying around the house. Moreover, we always favor having new and improved items over the things we own. Thus, stuff accumulates.

It pays to check the condition of the items at home, especially appliances and gadgets. These items are often the most abused and overused. If you find one that wasn’t used in a while, you can ask a family member, relative or friend who would benefit from having the item. Offer to swap the item for something they no longer need.

Transform the Home To a Happy Place

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Energy attracts energy. If the home stores negative energy, it will draw negative energy from the outside and manifest to the people in the space. The goal is to attract the right kind of energy.

The positive energy that brings abundance, happiness, and prosperity will attract the same energy. Having this kind of energy indoors is beneficial for the people in the space. A renewed energy will replace their inner chi. When their life force remains stable, they can reflect it to others and create a balanced environment.

Making sure that there is a balanced chi at home, workplace or in the car can be free. There is no need to shell out a significant amount of money to attract positive energy. Sometimes, problems involving money are the root of disruptive energy. Spending as little as possible on feng shui save you from stress and helps you save more money to use for the holidays.

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