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Costless Feng Shui, Spend Little to No Money in Feng Shui

August 04, 2017
japanese lucky cat feng shui

Contrary to popular belief, feng shui doesn’t need to cost a fortune to be effective. You can apply feng shui practices in your home, office, and car without spending a huge amount. Though the practice requires the assistance of a…

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Feng Shui Tips for Better Sleep

July 28, 2017

Sleep is nature’s way healing the mind and body. It is also a way to restore the inner chi. Thus, it is important to know how we can improve the quality of sleep we get. The bedroom is the center…

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Secrets to Attract and Enjoy Greater Abundance

February 05, 2017

You happen to chance upon in this article for a reason – you want to attract and enjoy greater abundance, right? Most, if not all, people are working hard enough to alleviate their current situation. But what we should do…

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