Feng Shui Tips for Better Sleep

Sleep is nature’s way healing the mind and body. It is also a way to restore the inner chi. Thus, it is important to know how we can improve the quality of sleep we get. The bedroom is the center of our energy restoration. The primary energy provider in the room is the bed. Other supporting details are the things over and under the bed. The aura in the bedroom is important when wanting to have a good night’s sleep.

We encounter physical injuries, mental stress, and emotional trauma every day. All of these take a toll on our body, which can cause energy imbalance and path blockages. Disrupted energy flow affects the whole body, which can cause health to decline.

If you are tired and unmotivated during the day, it might be because of the quality of your sleep. Check your room to find which feng shui practices you need to apply to have a better sleep each night.

Tips for a better sleep

Upgrade your bed size

upgrade your bed size feng shui tips for better sleep

Allow yourself to sleep in luxury. Your body needs space to rest and move in when sleeping.

Choose a queen size or full-size bed. These beds have enough space that allows the chi to circulate when sleeping. It has enough room underneath and above which promotes intimacy between partners. A large bed also calls for a high-quality mattress.

The quality of sleep greatly depends on the quality of the bed. A firm mattress that has the right dimension based on your liking will increase your chances of falling into deep sleep.

Establish a command point

The bed should be in a commanding position. Placing the bed in a dominant position gives you a sense of stability. It also serves as a lookout because it makes you aware of who and what enters the room. You will feel more secure.

Feng shui advises putting the bed in a location that isn’t directly facing any doors and windows. Once you’ve found a place to set the bed, position the bed in the middle to make sure the areas on its sides are equal.

Ample space on each side makes it easier for people to climb on top. At the same time, the equal spacing balances the energy.

Include a headboard

The headboard is important for people with partners and to those looking for one.

A sturdy headboard with no bars, holes, and spaces connects you and your partner. A wooden headboard is preferred, especially for singles looking for a significant other. It helps attract a stable and secure relationship.

Your bed may not have a sturdy headboard now, but it’s better than nothing.

Spend on pillows and bedding

When it comes to sleep, it’s best to be as comfortable as possible. The bed should be a safe placea sanctuary to relax, regenerate and recuperate. Therefore, make sure all your bed accessories contribute to that feeling instead of against it.

As much as possible, deviate from electronic devices. The low hum of the television can distract you from sleep. The sound will keep the ears active. A smartphone will keep you up all night. Aimlessly scrolling social media feeds can become a habit that will keep you from sleep. These devices also release electromagnetic energy.

Other than pillows, splurge on high-quality bed covers. It’s important to have the right temperature when sleeping. You should not be too hot or too cold.

As much as possible, use blankets made of organic cotton. Sheets made of organic material are non-toxic and environment-friendly. It gives a good feeling when you know the things that you are using are cruelty-free.

Clean out the clutter

Time and time again, we mention clutter is the enemy of feng shui. Clutter traps energy and keeps it remain still. It traps the good energy and does not allow it to circulate in other rooms in the house. The bed should have enough pillows for you, and your partner if you bunk together.

Too many pillows will crowd the space and make it feel cluttered. Retain the balance in the sleeping quarters for a good flow of chi. Choosing the right pillows will depend on your sleep position. Sleeping on your back will require a thin cushion. The flat pillow will support your neck and retain the spine’s alignment.

It’s worse if it happens in the bedroom. The energy of the stuff underneath the bed can transfer to your body during sleep.

The subconscious mind absorbs things that promote activity like shoes, books and exercise paraphernalia. It keeps the brain active and awake at night which isn’t conducive to rest.

Have the right mirror

Mirrors are meticulous. The placement of a mirror in a room is significant.

Having a mirror reflect your sleeping form hinders energy restoration. Other than that, a mirror directly in front of the bed attracts energy that entices another person to enter an intimate relationship. Hence, it can be a cause of infidelity.

If you want to include a mirror in your haven, have one that is round or oval. The shape symbolizes continuity in a relationship.

Choose muted hues

Use deep and dark colors that give the room shadows for some shut-eye. Colors with blue undertones produce hormones that relax the body. It brings down the heart rate and blood pressure which signals the body to sleep.

Tones of blue and dark purple are perfect colors for the bedroom. You can also try green and brown in subtle tones for the walls.

Avoid bright and loud colors like red, bright pink and orange on the walls. They have too much energy, which won’t allow the body to relax. You can use those colors as accents. They will give life to an otherwise dull bedroom.

Make the space private

The goal is to attract and maintain the nurturing energy in the room. The things and decors that inhibit the chi should not be in the sleeping quarters.

Family photos place a sense of responsibility to the subconscious mind. It won’t allow the brain to rest during sleep. It also gives lack of privacy to the people in the room. There must be no sharp edges over the bed and beside it. Sharp corners can contribute to disrupted sleep.

As much as possible, deviate from electronic devices. The low hum of the television can distract you from sleep. These devices also release electromagnetic energy.

The next time you wish for a good night sleep remember that nurturing energy starts with the bed. It should be the command point. It must be in the middle of the space to provide enough room on each side of the bed. The area on both sides of the bed should be balanced.

Balance can also come from the headboard, room color, and the things you place on and under the bed. When all of these are in sync with other elements in the bedroom, there will be harmony and positive energy.

Thus, the free-flowing chi will give you the quality of sleep you need.

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