Take a Break, Have a Detox

Detox became a fancy word for diet, but it isn’t.

Detox is short for “detoxification,” something that even a palm reader may suggest once he sees the deep marks of wear and tear on your hands. It is a process of neutralizing and eliminating toxins from the body. Toxins come in different forms. It may be things, people, thoughts and activities that block or hinders the body’s function. It also affects various aspects of our lives thus when we become aware of the toxins around us, we understand where they come from, and we figure out how to get rid of them.

A Better You

After the detox, your life will change. You won’t be doing the things you used to do before because you know better. You will choose what is best for your body. Your mind will be free of the negativity, which in turn attracts positive energy to enter your life. Luck, good fortune, and new opportunities will follow when the mind is open to possibilities.

There is no right way to detox. For some, it may be going offline for a few hours a day to several days. It may be cutting off friends, colleagues, and relatives that are nothing but toxic. For others, it may be watching what comes in the body – from food, drinks to thoughts. Keep in mind that detox means YOU are making a choice to get rid of the toxins clouding your life.

Getting Started

Begin by identifying your body disruptors. Ask yourself, “what toxic food, habits or people do you need to remove from your system? Which of these will make my life and body cleaner?

List down the answers and as much as possible, make them specific. Write them in a paper then post it in a place where you can get a glimpse of it daily. You are more likely commit to the detox when you have a reminder of what you have to do.

Prepare accordingly. Throw junk food and replace it with healthy alternatives. Discard the things you won’t need or use in a while and stock up on supplies you need during your detox like an extensive reading list, for example.

Choose a date and start to commit to it. Just start out and in case you stray along the way, relax. Just keep going. A 360 detox takes work. Thus it will be more manageable when it’s broken into each aspect of life.


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Food is the fuel of the body. Eating the right food group helps repair the body. Start by eating real food – home cooked meals with fresh vegetables, organic produce, and the likes. Once you start to do this, the body begins to heal internally.

Drink lots of water. Our cells thrive on the water to conduct its processes. Constant intake of water flushes out the wastes from our bodies and keeps bladder infections and disease-inducing cells away.

Another way to get rid of waste is by sweating. Sweat is impurities in the form of water that comes out of our skin. Exercise and extended periods of physical activity help us produce sweat. A 30-minute walk daily to jumpstart the day will improve the mind. Increasing the exercise intensity will aid the body to become physically stronger.

Next, get some sleep. Aim for the hours of sleep you want, need and deserve each night. Cells regenerate and repair itself during sleep so depriving yourself the needed time to recuperate weakens the body’s cells. Sleep also balances the hormones and restores energy. It also makes you get up earlier than usual.

Finally, eliminate bad habits. This is the time to quit smoking, binge drinking, and eating. If you are taking illegal substances, stop using them for good. They only do more harm than good.


home, health, healthy, feng shui, happiness, peaceClutter traps energy, and stagnant energy is not good for mental and physical well-being. Toxins manifest in the form of stagnant energy, so declutter if you haven’t purged in a while. Donate pristine and well-maintained garments and children’s toys. Empty the trash and throw away medicines, lotions, creams, beauty products, and other stuff past the expiration date.

Practice 10-minute house cleaning sessions throughout the week will help solve clutter woes. The habit will build up and stick. Try to do the same with unfinished projects. Set up a place where you can give undivided attention to the project, and you’ll finish it eventually.

Relationships (Self-included)

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Start detox with yourself first. You only have one self, and it’s best to take care of it. Observe yourself for any irrational thoughts and unhealthy behavior. Choose to expose yourself with endeavors that align with your goals. Avoid going against your passions.

Be a friend and try not to beat yourself over your weight, lack of achievements and other shortcomings. Be kind and forgive yourself. Spending less time on social media is an instant confidence booster. It takes your mind off the noise of the social sphere and electronics that aren’t important. Choose meditation instead. Become one with your body.

Before signing off for the day,  recall the highlights of your day that made you feel thankful. These are simple positive reinforcements that remind us that life is worth living.

It’s the same thing when it comes to relationships with others. Quality matters more than quantity. A thousand “friends” or followers on social media is nothing compared to the handful of people who know you inside and out. Choose to befriend amazing people like family and relatives who will stand by your side through and through.


money, finance, health, healthy, feng shui, happiness, peaceWe work to spend, and some spend like it’s a full-time job, but this attitude isn’t sustainable. Over time, stress caused by debt, credit card balances, bills, rent, and taxes build up. Overspending also disrupts relationships as arguments arise over money problems.

The first month of the year, plan out your major splurge. The splurge should be something that makes you look forward to – a vacation, the latest smartphone – and save up for it. It will help you narrow down your impulse to spend on your random shopping trips. It will also help you set how much you need to save to be able to afford to splurge.

Set a budget for each month, so you don’t go over the limit. Leave your cards at home. Better yet, why not cancel them? Do you really want to spend money that isn’t your own and pay double for using it?

Detox isn’t difficult as we think it is. Every day, we do things that are harmful to us, and we forget it builds up over time. Making sure different aspects of your life are kept in check with these tips, you will be happier and healthier. Including the rest of the family gives additional support during the process. Through detox, you and the family’s energy will flourish. Good chi will enter your life.

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