Driving with Good Fortune

The ‘chi’ or life force is not only present in our homes.

It may be invisible, but it is present in all areas of our life. Help from a fortune teller in Manila (if you are in the Philippines) is one way to find the areas of your life that need tinkering. The fortune teller may start with the areas closest to your daily life – your home. However, there are other places we frequently go to do our work, study, and rest. One of these is our car.

We use our automobiles to travel, meet people and mingle with them. We laugh and have fun when we go on long drives with family and friends. We fill our vehicles with the things we need for the day thus, it becomes an extension of our home. More often, we forget to take care of our the vehicle. We forget to organize and tidy it up to prepare for the next adventure. More importantly, we forget it is also a space that has powerful chi in it. It may not be obvious, but the way we handle and feel towards our automobile is a sign of needing to change the energy.

When the car breaks down more often than it should, it is a sign of unbalanced energy. The same happens when the car interior is messy and unorganized. Having the clutter from your home or office into the automobile is a sign of a cluttered mind. With that, applying feng shui to the vehicle is a must to harness the abundant power of your chi. Below are simple but effective feng shui practices for your much-loved car.

Spick and Span

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The windows allow the energy to enter. Keep them clean at shiny at all times.

It is not enough to set car wash appointments monthly (or whenever you feel like it). Keep the outside and the inside clean and unblemished.
Focus on the windows. Chi passes through them, while mirrors reflect them. A clear and shiny mirror attracts energy to come through.

Some owners take the extra mile to maintain the shiny gleam of their hoods, but they forget to dust off the crumbs of their breakfast scone from the driver seat. Make an effort to wipe the mirrors and dashboard, dust off and vacuum the carpets. Wash the upholstery if you can. Children may have made a mess the last time they were there. Check the tires and have them well-maintained for safety.

Also, check the trunk for things you stashed but no longer need. There may be clothes, suitcases and unfinished paper works in between back seats and trunk spaces. It makes you look unprofessional, and it creates stagnant energy. Energy gets trapped in the pile of trash – fast food bag, empty cups, bottles and discarded tissues. Remove them, throw out the trash and leave the work stuff at home or in the office.

Keeping the vehicle clutter-free makes it easier to stay relaxed when driving. When energy is lost underneath the clutter, your inner chi sinks. The clean interior of the car helps you focus on the road. When things are in place, it takes less time to look for extra change during a toll gate rush.

Quality Air

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The hot weather in the Philippines calls for air conditioning, but the blast of cold air from the car salon has chemicals not good for the body. Some pollutants in the air is not a problem on a short drive. When driving for an extended period, remember to keep the air fresh and clean. Open the windows to allow the air to circulate.

A good smelling car is a mood enhancer too. Use an aromatherapy diffuser to balance the mood in the car. There are various essential oils in the market to make the car smell fresh. A whiff of peppermint and lemongrass gives energy and helps with focus, while lavender and sweet orange soothe and calms the mind. There are also air fresheners with the same scent. There is no excuse to have a foul smelling car.

Tiny Feel-Good Trinkets

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Public utility vehicle (PUV) drivers place a golden cat to invite good fortune. A small feng shui energy enhancer like a rock crystal shifts your inner chi when driving. It doesn’t have to be an item; it can be through your favorite tunes blasting on the stereo. It uplifts your mood which in turn attracts positive energy.

If it happens to be an item, it doesn’t have to be in a line of sight. Hanging it on the front mirror may distract you, so it’s best to keep it subtle and place it in the glove compartment instead.

Decoding Color

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The best color for your ride isn’t the color of the year; it’s what makes you feel happy and energized.

You may use your birth element and its matching color as a guide when choosing colors. Still, each color has its meaning.

White is the symbol of purity, enthusiasm, and simplicity. It also represents the power of Yang, which stands for brightness and goodness.

Black stands for discreetness, cautiousness, and the presence of mind. It is the ideal color for people born on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday night.

Gold is the color for optimism, warmth, and friendliness. It also represents the power of greatness, wealth, and prosperity.

Silver is of moderate power and supports good fortune and advancement. It provides the feeling of confidence and safety.

Blue is for peace and tranquility, progress and intelligence. Based on astrology, it represents happiness and a colorful life.

Red symbolizes happiness and celebration of occasions. This color spreads eagerness and confidence.

Orange is the counterpart of the sun, which means warmth and inspiration. It also means leadership, fame, acceptance, and journeys.

On the last note, do not park the car facing the house. This creates an attacking energy, Sha Chi, which should be avoided. These feng shui practices are easy to follow. Each space has its feng shui remedies, but these tips are typical for car-owners to help manage low energy. A feng shui master can provide the help with other concerns not included in here.

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