Secrets to Attract and Enjoy Greater Abundance

You happen to chance upon in this article for a  reason – you want to attract and enjoy greater abundance, right? Most, if not all, people are working hard enough to alleviate their current situation. But what we should do is also to work and plan smart. Whatever your disposition is right now, read through this article and see if they will be able to help you with your goal.

Consider Feng Shui as a guide to attracting good fortune


What is Feng Shui?

If you are quite a newbie, you will regard feng shui as a “magic” or a “special” gateway for you to attain your goals particularly in having an abundant and fortunate life. But Feng shui is more than the hocus-pocus that you were made to believe.

Coming from an ancient art and science in China, Feng Shui is a complex body of knowledge that teaches an individual how to attain balance thru the energies present in any given space such as home, office, garden, for that person to have a good fortune ahead. But you should remember that good fortune is not just about money, but it involves every facet of your life like health, relationships, career, and much more.

Feng is defined as wind and shui as water. These two elements are associated with good health in Chinese culture. Feng Shui is based on the Taoist principles and belief of nature thus getting the idea that the land is alive and filled with energy or “chi.”

Why Feng Shui?

Even though Feng Shui is a complex body of knowledge, some of its guidelines and practices are easy to do. If you are having trouble following or thinking about such, you can ask a help from a verified and trusted Feng Shui master. Moreover, using Feng Shui won’t just focus on one section of your life but almost everything.

The charms are effortless to find. Some of which can be bought in department stores or stalls near your house. Remember that Feng Shui is also about proper assessment and placement. Nevertheless, some of the charms and symbols for good fortune are Chinese coin, mystic knot, Bagua mirror, turtle, fu dogs and money tree.

Believe that all will bear something good


There might have been some omen that you have encountered but chose to shake it off. No worries, we won’t push you to believe in good omens but whatever it is that you want to happen, believe that it will. All will be good, better and will be at its best.

Religiously doing Feng Shui comes with believing in it. You might be able to contact a feng shui expert, did everything as adviced but if you don’t have any faith that it will bear something good, the abundance that you are looking for might not really come to you.

Same with your decisions and efforts in life. It is fine to question yourself at times, reflect and think of them but if you always doubt yourself, you are clearly wasting your time.

But to give you an idea about omens, here are some which are said to bring good fortune:

A butterfly flies around your house or it landed on you Butterflies are also commonly interpreted as the homeowner which the butterfly roams around is going to receive a special or important guest.

Your hand is itchy – The scratchy left hand means money is leaving you and if it’s the right hand, money will be coming to you.

Rainbow –  It can mean some good luck such as your hard work will be paid off and will be successful, and you will receive support from people.

Bird’s poop landed on your head – Symbolizes great wealth coming from heaven.

Stop saying “I am not rich” and start working towards “I am rich”


Another thing that you should work with is your negative mindset. One of the steps in being financially liberated and be able to attract good abundance is to rid of your “no’s and never’s” or saying “I’ll never be going to be rich” or “I will only be able to have this.” Being cynical or pessimistic is different from being realistic.

Other people trap themselves by thinking small or underestimating themselves. Always remember to think big and dream big! Stop limiting yourselves and set yourself out for different opportunities and chances that you can take in life.

Change your mindset about not having enough time


If you feel like you don’t have enough time do something significant or worthwhile, remember that we are all given 24 hours just like anybody else – Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Ma, Aristotle, Plato, Albert Einstein, to name a few. Though we have different dispositions and contexts, the truth that we have the same time like theirs means that we can manage to do something favorable.

Maybe you should assess what you’ve been doing every day. What do you do after your regular work hours? Do you simply lay on your bed or go out for some activities?

Appreciate what you have and act to help others


Aside from doing and believing in Feng Shui and good omens, working smart and hard, to be able to attract and enjoy greater abundance in life, you should see and appreciate what you have now. You may want more but don’t forget to be thankful and appreciative. Helping others thru means or avenues that we can is also important. Not just for good karma but because being of help to others is something treasurable in life.

These are not actually secrets but reminders to keep you thriving towards your aim of attracting and enjoying great abundance in life. Always remember to keep your goal in your mind and heart, and not forgetting your other facets in life particularly relationships. Other points may seem to be easy while may be challenging, but you won’t know unless you try. Heads up and get ready to face a new day leading to a great a life!

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