Character of the Fire Rooster

A rooster year doesn’t start from January 1st of 2017. It begins from ‘Start of Spring’ in accordance with the traditional Chinese solar calendar and is on February 3, 2017. This year brings us the Fire Rooster. In the ancient times, Roosters are believed to have five virtues: military prowess, courage, benevolence, trustworthy and literary.

Compatible Chinese animal signs of the Fire Rooster are ox and snake. Incompatible Chinese animal signs are rat and rabbit. East, south and southeast sector are good travel directions in 2017.

The Fire Roosters are born leaders and are excellent organizers especially in their workplace. They are naturally strong willed and dynamic. As the saying goes, “the early bird catches the worm,” Fire Roosters are goal achievers and multi-taskers. They function best in an environment where everything is organized and programmed. They spread ambiance and wit.

On social gatherings, they bring good sense of humor and conversation. There will never be boring moments. For Rooster man, they love to be with a company of women, among whom they can shine, swagger and demonstrate greatness.

The management of finances is an asset of Fire Rooster. They are extra careful and find ways to earn monetary. They are usually very ambitious and happy. They have a wide circle of friends and can build relationships smoothly.

Under the influence of the Fire Element, Rooster depicts strong personality. High motivated, authoritative, independent, precise and vibrant are their traits. On the other side, they can be temperamental, anxious and overly emotional. They have above average managerial skills and believes in his views thus unmoved by feelings of others.

Fire Rooster has a golden heart on helping other people. They have an extended family of rich culture in values, education, and love. How thoughtful to know they are caring, refined and sociable. Media, social work, and PR are a great career for them.

The Fire Roosters are assured, emphatic and firm.

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