10 Omens of Good Fortune

An omen is an event or incident which signifies that something good or bad is going to happen. Omens vary from different peoples and cultures. Others religiously believe in omen while some do not. Before you say that these are true or otherwise, you won’t lose anything in knowing some of the omens of good fortune. Give it a read and let’s see if you have experienced any of the following:

Butterfly flies around your house or it landed on you

butterflyMany cultures consider butterfly as a symbol for soul. It may be the soul of a relative or a close friend who would like to visit you. In some instances, they are not really visiting you but rather giving a sign that they are waiting to pass the purgatory or they are the returning souls.

On the other hand, the Mandarin Chinese word for butterfly is “hu-tieh”, “tieh” meaning 70 years. It symbolizes long life.

Butterflies are also commonly interpreted as the homeowner which the butterfly roams around is going to receive a special or important guest. If the butterfly is with bright and vibrant colors, the visitor is a bearer of good news about your love life. If it is dark-colored, almost black, the guest will tell you something good relating to your career or business.

It is important to remember not to chase or cause harm to the butterfly as your good luck might turn into a bad luck.

You see your initials on a spider web

spider webYou might be afraid of spiders but maybe peeking to their web is worth it. Finding your initials on a spider web is believed to be a sign of you having a good luck forever. You will effortlessly attract food and money, and your plans will be realized and triumphant.

Bird’s poop landed on your head

birdWell it may seem to be quite of an inconvenience, not to mention the poop doesn’t smell good, but the bird’s poop landing on your head symbolizes great wealth coming from heaven. Moreover, most things in connection with birds conveys good luck such as birds making nests around your house.

A dog stays with you

dogMore than being individual’s best friend, dog is also a good omen. The dog can be given to you or a stray dog seems to want to be adopted by you, welcome him or her. It means you will have a loyal and reliable friends to come and stay in your life. They believe that a black dog is a bearer of wealth and protection, golden dog for prosperity and happiness, and white for love and romance.

Unexpected meet up with a cow

cowCow represents prosperity and fertility so an unanticipated sight or meet up with a cow suggests that a great fortune is coming your way. Again, it should be something unforeseen like you might be driving to the countryside or going somewhere where you know cows and other animals don’t usually roam around.

Your hand is itchy

handIf you are sure that it is not caused by any dirt or allergies, others believe that your itching han has something to do with money. The scratchy left hand means money is leaving you and if it’s the right hand, money will be coming to you. Others say it is because left hand is passive or receptive while the right is active. Now, if your left hand starts to itch and you want to prevent your money from leaving you, you must touch or rub a wood, or put your left hand on your pocket.

Putting on your clothes the wrong way

shirtAn unintended putting on of clothes inside out might bring you some good fortune. You will be receiving a positive news or something favorable on your side. For those who think that the universe is never on their side, forget it! Bad luck will leave you and your fortune will start to get better.

Seeing a shooting star

shooting starIf you chance upon to see a shooting or falling star, immediately make a wish. They believe that if you do so, whatever you wish for will come true. Aside from that others assume that if you are sick, you will feel better; if you had a fight or disagreement with someone, you and the other party will make amends; if you lost something, you will find it; and more stories of turning your bad luck into a good one.

Don’t forget that shooting or falling stars appear in a matter of split second only. So seeing one actually makes you lucky already!


RT79G3JOOUThe simultaneous presence of rain and bright sun usually results to a rainbow. Aside from the Christian belief that the rainbow symbolizes hope and God’s covenant or promise of His love, it can also mean some good luck such as your hard work will be paid off and will be successful, and you will receive support from people. If a baby is born on this marvelous day, he or she will be having a great life. If a couple is married and there happened to be rainbow, or raining with sun shining, the pair will be living a harmonious life together.

In other cultures, they believe that the rainbow is a celestial bridge to the deities.

Your date of birth sums up to 8

number 8Even before, eight (8) is regarded to be a lucky number. The Chinese pronunciation of this number is “ba” which sounds like “fa” meaning prosperity or to make a fortune. Number 8 is also considered to be a good omen because of its perfect symmetrical shape. Perfect symmetry is about perfect balance, and perfect balance is favored to be the ideal.

If your birthdate exactly adds up to 8 (eg. 05/10/1965 ~ 5+10+65 = 80), you will be enjoying good fortune.

Having read the article, can you testify that these omens bring forth good fortune? Well if none of these happened to you yet, it’s time to do some effort in finding your luck or visiting a feng shui guru to help the positive vibes come to your way.

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