Feng shui: 8 Gifts not to give during Christmas

Holidays such as Christmas and New Year is coming! I’m sure you are very excited to prepare gifts for your loved ones. As much as we desire to give our wants, there is a feng shui on gift-giving.

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system that harmonizes everyone with the environment. It must inspire the five happiness in Chinese culture. Those are the longevity, good luck, double happiness, wealth and good health. So instead of bad omen, you shall receive good luck.

Without further ado, before you shop ‘til drop, here are the eight gifts not to give during Christmas holidays:

1. Empty wallets/briefcase/case/purse.

Why? It represents a lack of prosperity. According to Feng Shui Master Hanz, when you give a wallet as an example, put some money inside. It indicates wealth luck for the recipient.

2. Knives/Scissors/Sharp objects.

It shows a closing of a relationship. In case you received it, give a coin to the giver. It restores the bond between you.

3) Small/Miniature/Bonsai trees.

They represent slow growth, may it be personal or career. Why don’t you pick healthy plants with rounded leaves? It mirrors long life and prosperity.

4) Clocks/Time/Showing time.

It symbolizes stealing time and a limited life span. A suggestion would be giving a gift certificate and “watch” photos to the receiver so he/she can choose to buy. You can opt to give precious stones to attract longevity and health.

5) Thorny flowers/Spiky plants.

These symbolize piercing relationships. If you really desire to give roses, for example, be sure to cut off thorns to restore romance or harmony in the relationship.

6) Handkerchiefs.

It shall bring tears and tears to the receiver. It denotes sadness, frustration and years of crying. You can still give by wrapping it around sweet smelling soap to contradict bad feng shui.

7) Shoes.

The Chinese term for shoes is “hai” more like sigh sound. It marks unhappiness, sorrow or bad luck to the receiver. In case the receiver gets one, he/she should give a small amount of money to the presenter of gift to counterattack bad luck. You can also hand him/her gift certificate to buy shoes instead.

8) Items that are an enemy of the receiver’s Chinese zodiac sign.

An example would be if the receiver is a goat sign, don’t give an ox figurine or any ox physical resemblance. Enemy of the rat sign is horse; rabbit is rooster; tiger is monkey; dragon is dog; and snake is pig. They bring bad luck like marriage problem, family issues, and unfortunate event.

Also, your gifts should ideally be wrapped in yang or bright colors such as yellow. You are presenting the gift for the person to be happy. Some feng shui tips are gifts shouldn’t come from negative or angry people. You avoid re-gifting too. It’s advisable not to accept junk from others because it hinders prosperity.

Those are tips for you have a merry gift giving! Yay! Feng shui is here to guide you to happiness and prosperity.


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