The Force of the ‘Chi’

Ancient Chinese translates “qi” or “chi” as ‘invisible’ or the ‘indication of something unknown. Each person is wrapped in energy that flows through the physical body and nourishes every fiber of the being. The life force that is the same as the invisible and unknown chi from Ancient Chinese is the essential energy that a person has.

Chi in the Environment

Flow is a term suggesting continuous movement or stream, thus suggesting the chi flows freely like a river. An uninhibited flow of chi will help the mind understand what is good for the body and identify what needs to be healed internally so the person can achieve happiness and inner peace. Overall good health follows if chi continues to flow through the meridian system of the body. Like a blocked path, the stream of chi may slow down when the energy in the body is out of balance. Physical injuries, mental stress, and emotional trauma can all cause imbalances and blockages to the path of energy. When the chi is disturbed, weakened or blocked, the cells and body organs are affected. Their functions will be restricted, and the body will decline and later catch a disease.

Chi is not only present in the human body. It is everywhere. It is important to understand how a positive energy affects a space. A good energy circulating within a house, for example, is a powerful way of harnessing the chi to bring abundance, luck, peace, and prosperity to its occupants. People living together get to sync their chi along with their home which in turn maximizes their physical, emotional and spiritual health. Therefore, promoting a balanced chi within the household is encouraged. There are different types of balancing techniques in Ancient Chinese medicine and tradition. Some of these techniques are still applied today.

Balancing the inner chi

The inner chi is always in danger of a blockage of a hurdle. The demands of family, work, and society produces ounces of stress each day. The chi is always disrupted from the daily grind. Emotional turmoil from hatred, revenge, anger, and resentment contribute to the block of energy.

Tai Chi and Qigong are balancing techniques for the inner chi. Certain movements positively affect the meridians of the body. Moving the arms above the head helps open the lungs. Focusing on the center below the navel improves vital energy. Bad posture also affects the flow of energy. Daily yoga and pilates will help in correcting the posture and minimize the stagnation of chi in particular areas of the body. It will remove the blockages from the energy system.

Besides the physical body, giving the mind time to recover helps with the flow of the chi. Concentrating on calming the mind helps to relax the nervous system. Meditation for a few minutes per day clears the unnecessary worries in the short-term memory and allow the free flow of energy. Having an optimistic outlook improves and strengthens the mind. Getting rid of emotional baggage by learning to forgive, showing compassion and other emotional nourishing activities will allow the chi to flow and return to scale.

Tai Chi, Qigong, Pilates, yoga, and meditation use peaceful imagery and encourage relaxed breathing. The body moves in harmonious with each breath. Regular training will heal the mind, body, and spirit which attracts the good chi and promotes overall well-being.

Technique for the environment

Balancing the chi in a room or an environment involves Feng Shui. In Chinese, feng shui translates to wind and water. Water should flow freely as should the energy within a home. A good flow of chi should be considered whenever redecorating, renovating, or repositioning furniture. Like water, the flow of chi should be harmonious and smooth to all areas of the house.

Long, straight lines create a harsh quality of energy. It also contributes to a leakage of energy and gives off an unfriendly, cold feeling in a home. This is more prominent in houses that have an opening, e.g. a door or a big window, at the end of the straight line. Blocked walls or areas in a home that where furniture is arranged in a way that prevents energy to flow smoothly should be avoided. Decors and structures near or across the front door are things to consider in feng shui. Mirrors reflect good chi, but when placed directly across the front door of the house, it forces the chi to leave. A staircase facing the front door, especially in a room with a small foyer, rushes the energy to leave quickly. A large foyer with a wide distance between the staircase and the front door, the chi has time to settle in and nourish other places of the house. Meanwhile, a mirror facing a bed depletes the personal energy instead of gaining it during rest. A mirror facing the bed also brings the energy of attracting a third party into an intimate relationship.

Feng shui cures are based depending on each space and structure. Periodic renovations and maintaining the cleanliness of homes and offices is paramount in Feng Shui tradition as this will keep positive luck-bringing energy to flow. A professional feng shui consultant will know how to chart the movement of the chi and give appropriate recommendations to improve its flow.

Chi and Family Life

A free-flowing chi is not only beneficial for business, office life, and professionals. It is also helpful for all the members of the family. Most of the time is spent inside the home, so it is beneficial for the body to be surrounded by positive, peaceful and energy-restoring chi during downtime. Children also need to restore their energy after a long day at school. They need a space to recuperate and boost their creativity and imagination.

Educating each member of the family about the importance of the inner chi will not only improve family ties, but it will also enhance their long-term health and bring prosperity and abundance. A consultation from a feng shui master will help identify the weak energy spots of the family and the home.

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