Feng Shui for Fashion Choices

Besides bringing fortune and stabilizing the energy in your home, feng shui also applies in the way you dress. The elements – Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal, and Water – must be present in your fashion choices to represent your inner chi. The presence of these elements, as well as lucky charms Philippines, helps you attract auspicious energy and luck. When you have the right pieces or prints on your clothing, you can enhance the powers of the chi that comes your way to improve the quality of your life.

But before you change the items in your wardrobe, you should first consult your birth chart and Kua number. Your Kua number tells you the direction that helps you grow as well as your feng shui element. The list of numbers start from 1 and ends with 9 to represent each direction on the compass.

Here’s a list of the Kua numbers and their corresponding elements. It also covers the fashion tips to follow to improve your energy flow.

Kua Numbers and Its Element

feng shui elements chart

Number 1 – Water Element

To express the water element, you must have unique clothing. It must also be long and flowing. For color options, you can pick between black and blue. Some of your choices should include baby blue, aqua, cobalt, and royal tones.

To support water, you can incorporate the element of metal to enhance its effect. You can use metal colors like brass, copper, gold, and silver. Beware of earth tones as it weakens the impact of water. It’s a must to avoid apparel with hues of yellow and brown. Wood also does the same, so you must not mix your ethereal fashion choices with green.

Characteristics of Water

You can experience the power of water when you are by the sea. It is the calm before the storm while it can produce powerful waves when the wind blows. Hence, the element can be passive and aggressive. You can channel these characteristics by selecting the right fabric and patterns.

Besides power, the water element is also natural and free-flowing. Thus, natural fabric such as cotton and silk are perfect material as fashion choices. As an alternative, you can include chiffon, crepe, lace, polyester, satin, and taffeta. You can purchase long skirts and blouses in these textiles.

If you want to highlight the movement of water, you must include wavy lines, curves, crescent shapes, and spirals in your wardrobe. One overlooked pattern that can be a stylish option is paisley.

Number 2, 5 and 8 – Earth Element

Earth connects all living matter. It serves as a home to all kinds of beings and binds the elements together. In fashion, Earth represents the pieces that bring your articles of clothing together. Earth colors range from the shades of yellow to brown tones. Some of the tones you encounter when dressing for Earth element are canary, dandelion, cream, beige, terracotta, coffee, and mocha.

Besides these colors, other shades will emphasize the strength of the element. Gold, orange, pink, purple, red and white are some of the hues to incorporate into your wardrobe. However, you must keep in mind that yellow and brown are the dominant colors of your element. Still, you can wear an article of clothing in white whenever you plan to execute a bold move.

Contrast to the water element, Earth has to avoid Metal and Wood. Wood repels the Earth while Metal acts as its kryptonite. With this in mind, you must keep away from elements associated with Metal and Wood. Green, silver, bronze, gold, copper, and pewter are the color palettes you must avoid.

Characteristics of Earth

Earth is nurturing, stable, and grounded. The people under the element profoundly understand  others, consistent, and patient. On the downside, they can be overly-cautious, indecisive, and unwilling to change. Classic prints and patterns like plaids, blocks, and squares are best for these people. Anything boxy and rectangular would showcase their grounded energy.

Moreover, Earth feng shui element in fashion tends to be practical and versatile. The type also doesn’t mind spending more on clothing to acquire investment pieces or get those that can last a lifetime. Therefore, these types lean towards clothes made of woven fabric, velvet, tweed, linen, corduroy, chenille fabric, and bouclé.

Number 3 and 4 – Wood Element

People under the Wood element have high confidence in themselves. Think of them as growing trees. Their energy exhibits flexibility and strength. The people with the energy are likely to start a business or take on risky activities. Most of the time, these people wear outerwear or sporty outfits. Their wardrobes consist mostly of the necessities –  coats, jackets, sweaters, shirts, and slacks.

Wardrobe color palette of Wood plays between browns and greens. When you think of it, these are the colors you mostly see on plants. Brown, beige, and tan empower the Wood energy. Emerald, olive, and lime are other colors you can incorporate in your style capsule. In addition to these, you can get help from the Water element. Combining shades of blue with any from the Wood palette scheme supports the energy.

Unfortunately, fire burns wood. Metal cuts it. You should not mix the color schemes of these elements. As much as possible, you must leave out gold, orange, pink, purple, red, and white when looking for outfits to wear. You must also avoid clothes and accessories having metallic colors and properties.

Characteristics of Wood

People with the Wood element are patient and kind. Their movements would flow naturally in clothing that makes them calm and comfortable. Fabrics made of bamboo and those made of organic sources such as cotton, silk, and wool are perfect complements to their traits. They can also add flannel and linen to their fashion choices.

They are also loyal to their roots or “family.” Floral prints and embroideries, leaves, vines, curves and scrolls are some of the patterns that showcase their style and preferences. The prints are also a way to express their core energy. But, a Wood person can also be rigid and feel trapped. They can find themselves living in the past. Stripes can be a go-to print whenever you feel the same way.

Number 6 and 7 – Metal Element

Metal is valuable to people. Obtaining one comes at a high price. You’ll know that a person carries the Metal element when they value high-end fashion. They aren’t afraid to spend a bit more to get pieces of clothing that won’t go out of style. You’ll find that these people dress sharp, prioritize quality, and are always on top of their style game.

The best colors to wear for representing metal are the ones typically associated with jewels and precious stones. Gold, silver, brass, copper, and pewter are some examples. Earth is the creator of metal so you should add hues of brown and yellow for support.

On the other hand, Fire and Water won’t work well with Metal. You should refrain from mixing red, orange, purple and pink to your outfits. But, you can add a piece of jewelry, a hairpiece or a scarf now and then to add warmth to your personality. It’s best to avoid wearing clothing with blue and black avoid coming out as aloof and closed off to others.

Characteristics of Metal

People under the Metal element are focused, organized, and optimistic. They are also elegant and sophisticated so they prefer to wear clothes with luxurious materials. Cotton, lace, leather, satin, silk, and wool are some of the fabrics you would find in their closet. The textiles are also great to show off their organized and unyielding personality.

Besides the quality of the material, these people are also fond of clean, simple lines. Polka dots are the best prints to balance their character and choice of fabric. They are also good at communicating their ideas which they can emphasize by wearing clothes with round prints, semi-circles and feature a dome-shape.

Number 9 – Fire Element

Fire is fierce, can be unpredictable and wild. They are passionate and have a flair for drama. Wearing clothes that represent their desires and warm personality would highlight their energy. The best colors to complement their energy are gold, orange, bright pinks, purple, red, russet and white.

Adding wood to a fire pit helps it burn brighter than usual. If you need to vary your style, you can throw in clothes and accessories in green. But, you should watch out for the Water element. It can put out the flames of your inner chi. Limit the use of blue in your wardrobe. You should also not combine the colors of the Metal element with your fiery style choices. Metallic colors drain your energy levels.

Characteristics of Fire

People with Fire element in their birth chart have high levels of energy. They also exude sex appeal and like to dress up in clothes that attract attention. They are also expressive people and don’t hesitate to show it through fashion. The best fabric for their clothing options are those that are soft, flowing and pleasing to the wearer and those who see him or her wearing it. Cotton, faux fur, satin, and silk are some of the fabrics to consider.

To accentuate curves and well-toned physiques, leather and structured wool should be part of their list of fabrics. People with Fire energy are also the life of the party. They would look best in prints that don’t drown their personalities even when in the crowd. Patterns that resemble flames such as chevron, flames, and herringbone support their vibrant personality. Stars and diamonds would help them be what they are – scene stealers and show-stoppers.

Feng shui fashion is only a helpful guide to support your inner chi. It is not the solution to your problems in life. Following this guide can help you become more confident with your fashion choices and help you come up with a wardrobe that boosts your confidence.

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