Feng Shui Tips for Finding Love and Romance

Romantic love moves in mysterious ways. Finding the right partner who supposedly will end up with you isn’t an exact science. The status of your relationship depends on both personalities, flow of date, background and family history among others. Some people quickly find their person on the sidewalk, office, wedding or at a random party they decided to go on a Friday night.

It’s a different story for others. They always meet the wrong person. They enter ‘almost‘ relationships thinking it’s the one only to find it’s still not the one for them. The remaining people have no such luck in romantic love. Fortunately, there’s a cure for filling a void. Applying the practice of feng shui 2018 Philippines attracts the energy of love. It is a potent solution to bringing love in your life.


Love Thyself

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Before trying different cures, it is vital to turn inwards first. Examine your love relationship with yourself. Channeling your the love you crave and feel towards yourself will help you attract people who like you for who you are. Remember, The same energy draws energy with the same quality. The more you foster love to yourself, the more love energy flows to you. Unconsciously, your relationship with your partner, children, parents, friends, and workmates will improve dramatically.


Bedroom Renovation

When talking about feng shui for love and romance, it’s always about the bedroom. Your sleeping area is the most intimate space at home. It is out of limits for outsiders and may sometimes extend to the people close to you. Renovating the bedroom and rearranging furniture will create an environment for positive energy. It removes physical barriers and triggers an attractive chi making you happy and fulfilled.

You must feel inspired and satisfied settling your bedroom. Are you comfortable and contented with the colors and decorations in the room? Do you feel glad to open your eyes in such surroundings? Are you refreshed and nurtured by the energy in the bedroom? You must assess your current bedroom situation to enhance sensuality if your answer is “No.” You can try the step-by-step guide below to discover how to use feng shui to bring love and romance in your life.

1. Place everything in order.

Clutter blocks the flow of chi. The flow of energy will be slow and weak when the bedroom is a mess. Put your stuff in proper storages. Encourage order in the area to allow the continuous flow of energy.

2. Discard memoirs of past relationships.

Do not keep objects reminding you of failed relationships. Items from a past lover have no place in your home. Letters, pictures, and several physical reminiscents of the past will only distract you from looking forward. The same goes for images and objects representing negative emotions. Get rid of paintings, sculptures, and photos depicting fights, loneliness, sadness, and war. These create a tense atmosphere.

3. Fully open your doors.

The front door and your bedroom door must be wide open. It must have no creaking sound or blocked at the back by the things behind. A fully open door allows energy to flow freely.

4. Position the bed in the power spot.

The bed must be in a command position – the location of the room with optimal energy. The setting gives a view of people coming in and out of the area as well as your life. The best must have a solid headboard while there must be a solid wall behind it. The feature grounds the energy while you sleep.

There must be equal spaces on both sides of the bed. Sometimes, it’s impossible to meet all these criteria. It’s best to try out different bed positions to discover which feels the best.

5. Invest in quality linens.

High-quality beddings and sheets contribute to good night’s sleep. A soft, cozy duvet or a warm comforter is a feast to the senses. Invest in a texture that will make you want to snuggle. A red blanket attracts the luck for your love life. Red is bright and festive, so it will give you good karma with the opposite sex.

6. Apply a fresh coat of paint.

Updating the color of your bedroom wall gives you a clean slate. It’s a way of setting a romantic vibe using warm and sultry tones. Use burgundy, chocolate, a calming deep blue or plum to achieve the vibe. Dark and light neutrals also have the same effect. Avoid shades of yellow, bright red, and peach.

7. Hang mirrors on the right side of the room.

Traditional feng shui states that a mirror directly in front of a bed brings a third party in the relationship. Mirrors generate a lot of energy in a space. It can affect the quality of your sleep or wake you from slumber. It’s best to have it on the side of a wall and not directly face the bed.

8. Ignite sparks with candles and flowers.

A flower is a lucky charm for attracting the opposite sex. Display some flowers near the bedroom window to increase your chances of building relations with the opposite sex. Red flowers will double the chances. Meanwhile, a pair of pink candles adds sparks to your love life. Lighting the candles and placing them in the back right-hand corner of the room provides a glow which sets your love life aflame.

9. Have items in two.

Items in two leave an impression on the mind. Since numerical symbols are the oldest representations, they are influential and useful for conditioning the mind. Have objects in pairs to strengthen the relationship. For instance, there must be two nightstands with uniform lamps. It represents the dynamics of the relationship and attracts a partner of equal stature. Those single and looking for a connection must leave closet space for their partner. The bathroom must also have ample area for them to fit in your life.

10. Set your intentions.

If you wish to find love and have romance, it helps to create a representation. Hang it somewhere you can view and admire it daily. A collage of you and your significant other (s.o.) shows your intention which contributes to your bright and happy future. Setting areas for work and play retain the bedroom’s neutral energy for rest and finding love.


Love Cures

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Fostering self-love and adhering to feng shui is only the beginning of finding love and romance. The first process focuses on clearing your energy path. It cleanses your home and prepares it for another soul. Unfortunately, these won’t work if you spend most of your time at home. Feeding on your insecurity, getting drunk on self-pity, and wallowing on other negative thoughts won’t help you experience the love from the romantic partner you seek.

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