Bedroom for Love and Sex Tips

Feng shui can offer different solutions to different aspects of life. Though it may not directly solve the dilemmas flying in one’s life, it can improve interior design. The specified cures from a feng shui master can improve sleep, career, money, love, and even sexual energy. Having the right cure can attract and bring a lasting relationship and fiery energy for the steamy nights with a partner.

Feng shui 2018 Philippines tells couples, and even single people, to fix their bedroom if they want to raise the heat. Sometimes, sex games and furniture are not enough. It’s best to get advice from the best feng shui expert in Manila to add spice to your love life and attract the chi for the sheets.

Read on to get the best feng shui love and sex tips of 2018.

1. Get the bed in position.

Before getting into the tiny details of the room such as decorations and accessories, check the bed’s position. Everything starts with the placement of the bed frame to the headboard. The headboard is essential for support as it grounds the chi.

When the bed’s headboard is under a window, it pushes the chi to leave the area. The same is true when the foot of the bed faces the door. The setup leaves the people feeling drained and exhausted even when they get enough sleep. Stretch energy flow by placing the bed with the view of the door but not directly in line with it. If space is limited and it is not possible to move the bed, hang a tiny mirror opposite of the bed to reflect the door.

2. Ignite the sparks with neutral palettes.

The bedroom must instill calmness before lovers can spend their nights full of passion and romance. If the room has lots of bright colors and prints on the beddings and walls, it does the opposite. Sticking to a neutral color palette like white, beige, tan, and navy keeps the room pleasant. Don’t forget to change the sheets and pillow covers often to leave the bed looking crisp and clean.

3. Simplicity is a must.

Avoid items that release intense energy. Artwork that has too much going on, animals on the walls, family photographs as well as controversial or political wall hangings all bring chi that will not simplify the look of the room. Dead plants zap energy, so remove them from home.

Anything that feels impersonal or cluttered must have no place in the bedroom. It cuts the fiery energy and stillness the room needs to become a love haven.

4. Have room for luxury.

Hotel rooms are the best example of rooms decorated with luxury in mind. Some of them have an interior to provide their guests with a romantic getaway they will not forget. Add some faux fur, mohair rug, and a velvet cushion or drapes for a high-quality bedroom. High thread count sheets and quality beddings are also little luxuries to add for better sleep.

Natural light is a free luxury. Clear out the windows from any blockage to get in some sunlight and retain the brightness in the room. Cut overgrown trees and shrubs, clean the windows, and change the curtains to let light in the room and fill it with heat.

5. Replace candles with water.

Candles emit a soothing aroma that can improve the mood of the bedroom. However, its sensuous burning light can increase the negative energy in the area. To negate the contrasting force, use an indoor fountain. It increases creativity and personal attraction which can improve and emphasize the flow of energy.

6. Use visuals to express intent.

An art piece, photo or any visual on lovemaking is an excellent feng shui sex cure. A simple photo of intertwined lovers or a tiny sculpture of the union of Shiva & Shakti in the Northwest area of the home or the bedroom supports the sexual energy. Most of all, it makes partners more responsive to the cure.

7. Encourage the flow of chi in the bathroom.

The feng shui energy in the bedroom and bathroom are connected. Thus, promoting the steady flow of sexual energy will help the chi in the area. Take care of the quality of energy in the bathroom for a healthy flow of energy.

8. Emphasize the scent in the area.

The smell in the area can influence the olfactory response. Trying libido-inducing scents can serve as an aphrodisiac. Hindu tantric practitioners use essential oils to amplify partners’ love and desire for each other.

Another scent to try is Ylang Ylang. It is known to increase the sex drive of men and women. When partnered with rose and orange-based scents, it can improve the mood and energy in the room.

9. Remove any distractions.

Limit exposure and time from electronic devices while in the bedroom. At the same time, separate the work area from the sleeping area. Removing exercise equipment and other items that encourage high energy encourages sleep and relaxation. Most of all, it encourages partners to focus on each other.

10. Check in with the relationship areas of the bagua.

The Southwest of the bagua and the top right area of the floor plan are essential to feng shui for love and relationships. These areas must be clear of clutter and dirt to keep the chi moving freely. The home items and decorations in these rooms must feature or complement the element for the direction (Earth).

These feng shui tips will only enhance the energy in the bedroom. It is best to be clear with each other on the intention to experience and enjoy sexual pleasure. It will set the chi for exploration and feel the passion and desire without negative emotions or misunderstandings.


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