“My Husband and Lover is Cold To Me.” How Can Feng Shui Cure Your Relationship

Don’t expect a smooth sailing relationship now that you have a partner. Relationships are still prone to differences, fights, misunderstanding, highs, and lows as well as good days. You may not see eye-to-eye, but that doesn’t mean the relationship is over. Love just got lost along the way.

If you have trouble in paradise or were recently in a fight, don’t dwell on the haze. Look past the fog to find inspiration from horoscope Philippines. It can give you a few insights and good news to fix your relationship. You can also use feng shui tips to improve your love life and relationship with your partner.

Here’s how you can bring the heat between you and your husband or lover using feng shui cures.


1. Find the relationship area and focus on it.

The relationship area isn’t necessarily your bedroom. Partnership and marriage are in the Southwest. You can discover and improve other aspects of your life by using the traditional bagua. It shows you how to fix other areas of your life that may affect your relationship.


2. Renew the energy in the room.

There are several ways to refresh and attract a new type of energy in the room. You can start by opening doors and windows. Changing the color of your front door and removing clutter behind each entry in the quarter’s of your home allows the powerful chi to enter.

Windows are also viable openings where energy can enter. Set curtains aside or raise the blinds to let natural light in the morning. Open them to get fresh air and pushes the old chi out of the room. Placing a bell or a wind chime is attractive and lively. It brings the auspicious chi to your place.ushes

Another way of renewing energy is by organizing stuff and pieces of furniture in your home. When each room has a mess and is unorganized, the chi is stuck. It also reverses the effects of feng shui cures in the area.

Regularly get rid of unused and unnecessary items. Donate, throw away, and recycle to minimize your stock. Sweep and mop floors and wipe surfaces. If possible, schedule deep cleaning to control the amount of stuff coming in and consumed by the household.


3. Make the bedroom a sacred place.

You must make each bedroom sacred especially the master bedroom. You must respect the pace and maintain it for selected activities. The room must be only for sleep and sex if you want to improve your relationship.

To reserve sensual and sexual energy, remove items generating high-intensity activities. Remove exercise equipment, stuff for outdoor activities, computer, and other devices. Focus on the bed and other things that contribute to relaxation.

The bed must be a focal point in the room. It must be in a location that provides optimal energy. It must be in a place where you can see the people coming in and out of the room. That way, you can also sense those who enter your life.

Get a solid headboard and place it behind a solid wall. Doing so provides a sense of security and grounds the energy during rest. Improving your sleep affects your relationship for the better as it renews you physical and mental health.

Last but not the least, the space on each side of the bed must be equal. It’s easy to do it in a square room, but you can apply it in all bedroom shapes. It’s best to switch bed positions to discover which bedroom setting benefits you and your relationship.


4. Change your bedspreads, linens, and mattress.

Comfortable and high-quality beddings lead to a deep and refreshing snooze. Couples need a good night’s sleep to refresh their romantic relationship. Using a queen-sized bed provides enough room, but not extra space for someone to enter the relationship. Remember to keep under the bed empty to avoid further disruptions during your sleep.

Never cover the bed with sheets used or give by another partner. Aim for a soft, warm duvet in nurturing and romantic colors. Red, rosepink and purple give good karma. Peach or flesh is perfect for snuggling, but it can attract a third- party or lead to affairs. You can also use green as with a texture that will make you want to snuggle.

Take note of the fiery effect of red. Too much can burn the relationship.


5. Leave room for two.

Try not to occupy all the space in your bedroom especially in the closet. Leave storage for your partner to settle and store his or her things. Besides storage space, ensure you have two of home decorations and furniture.

Have a side table on each side of the bed. If you have a lamp, place the same one on the other side. Do this for other home accessories except for mirrors. They trap and get energy stuck in the room.


6. Display stimulating artwork and images.

Hang or display photos of happy couples in the marriage corner or bedroom. You can also include erotic images to stimulate heat and passion in your area. Avoid lonesome figures. Photos of single items, animals or beings must be in a different room.


7. Have a vase of pink flowers.

Peonies bring love and romance whether they are in photos, artwork, or fragrance. Fresh blooms in the auspicious bagua area attract energy instantly. Throw away dried flowers as they denote death.

If flowers aren’t available, use pink silk as a substitute.


Feng Shui Cures as Aid, Not The Solution

star, statue, red background, think, figurine, angel

Remember, relationships aren’t magic. They don’t fix themselves with a prayer, a snap of a finger, or consistently placing a batch of fresh flowers. You can use feng shui to guide your wellbeing and relationship, but it cannot solve underlying problems. Instead of spending your resources on charms, chant, and other forms of therapy, use your energy to improving your relationship.

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