How Feng Shui Can Help You Find a New Job

A sudden layoff or economic crisis results in unemployment. Fresh graduates and former working class comprise the population of unemployed persons. All of these people are seeking employment. When there’s competition for the best positions and salaries, people will fight tooth and nail to grab the opportunity to stand out. They will also cling to any remedy or cures available so they could end up with a job after hunting season.

Working opportunities and career-related endeavors are present everywhere. Unfortunately, some people think they unlucky or aren’t the right candidate for the job. When these types of thoughts cross a person’s mind, he or she starts to believe it. This train of though bogs down their energy and creates a negative environment – a repellant to the auspicious chi.

It helps to align your nature and energy when looking and applying for a job. You can use feng shui with the help of a fortune teller Manila to guide you in the activating the needed cures to your home.

Activating the Feng Shui Directions

Since feng shui is all about placement to direct or influence the flow of chi, it is vital to discover the areas of your home you should focus. The command areas are part of the lucky directions which are places where you can absorb the best quality of flowing energy. You can trace a personal course of life using the Kua number or the feng shui lucky directions.

If you wish to use your Kua number, you can find yours using a chart showing years of birth per column and the genders on each row. On the other hand, you may refer to a bagua to find your Path in Life. The North is the direction for Career. Thus, it is a must to optimize all areas in the location to encourage luck and chi.

Activating other directions in the bagua such as Northeast (NE) and Northwest (NW) is a way to get into the industry you wish to be of service. The Northeast is for Skills and Knowledge while the Northwest covers Travel and Helping People. Once you are done with the primary direction for your Path in Life, you can follow through with connected or relevant areas.

There are several ways to attract, maintain, and renew the energy into the Northern part of your home. It is essential to capture all of these through the practices for the feng shui cure to work. If you want a job of your profession that satisfies emotional and financial needs, then you must ensure that your home follows these methods from a fortune teller Makati.

1. Plot the lucky direction into your home.

Refer to your home’s floor plan to identify which rooms are in the North, NE, and NW. The spaces in the direction help you when assigning which rooms must house which functions. It is also useful when decorating your home and adding feng shui cures.

2. Get on a life track.

If you want clarity on your career path, you must have a trail to follow. If your dining area is in the North, you must stay in the same seating as much as possible. Doing so directs the energy to a fixed path. You can still do the same even if your dining place isn’t in the direction of the Career. Besides this, hanging a huge world map in the North area will define your career. The map refreshes the chi and clears the space for the energy t find its way.

3. Clear out all the spaces in the rooms.

Though throwing out the trash and washing the windows won’t get you a callback or land you your dream job, it sure impacts your chances of having one. Clutter is the source of stagnant energy. It is also the cuts the circulation of life force which cuts off your supply of vigor.

Most of all, it is a chi-repellant. It dims the light in the area which can cloud your vision and goals. Therefore, minimize junk and organize crevices and nooks as much as possible. Keep your home office neat and functional. The same goes for your entryway. The front door should not have several unused stuff lying around that will block the opening. A cramped entryway prevents the passage of chi.

If you’re in the process of cleaning, organizing and fixing your home interior, you must also include what’s outdoors. Take note of the exterior of your home as this is where the energy passes before it enters. For the front door to become a chi magnet, it must be appealing to the sight. The knobs must be rust-free and gleaming. If there are glass panels, it must be clear and free of dust. It’s best if the front door has a bright color like red.

Including a wind chime or a bell effectively attracts energy to enter the openings of your home. As much as possible, leave the door open each day for new chi to come to the house and the old to retire the space.

4. Take out the features of your home that negates the energy.

Check your home for sources of energy leaks. Getting rid of clutter is one thing. If energy continuous to leave the space because of specific home features, then it’s time to attend to them. You may survey your floor plan. The front door may align with your stairs and backdoor which pushes energy to leave the place without setting in other rooms. A mirror reflecting the front opening does the same. It forces the chi back from where it came.

Negative emotions also contribute to a harsh environment for the life force. If you harbor items you wouldn’t use for a while or don’t love as much, you are creating a negative ambiance. As much as possible, remove any item or areas part of your home you aren’t excited to have.

5. Decorate with feng shui cures.

Levers of Success

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Incorporate items which symbolize your career especially the things you want and enjoy. These things must inspire you to see success. When you envision yourself succeeding, the chances of reaching your goals become higher compared when having nothing to look forward. Placing a mood board or dream wall will help you stay focused and confident to achieve to achieve your goals.

For instance, stacking medical books on your wall shelves and having a diorama of your favorite human anatomy pushes you to become focused on becoming a doctor. If you wish to be on the creative side, collecting photographs or pieces of crafts and artwork will inspire you to exhibit your skills. It’s much better to stick with one theme or occupation for the chi to take effect.

However, there may be things you love that don’t belong in the area. These are items with qualities that cancel out the effects of feng shui elements. Objects, pictures, and symbols of what you don’t want in your life must not be in any of the directions. If you’re going for a new job to get beautiful things in life, you must let go of crappy stuff. If the position doesn’t require staring at the computer screen for an extended period, then there’s no use for the laptop. Store it another room.

Feng Shui Elements
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As for the feng shui cure, it’s necessary to consider the element of the three directions. Water dominates the North while Earth is for NE and Metal is for NW. Each one must flourish in their corresponding direction. Placing a fountain or flowing water encourages the chi in the North. Images of bodies of water also work as well. Both must be clear and running smoothly. It must be calm and free of dirt.

Items with water-like qualities such as mirrors and things in blue and black represent water.

Consequently, Metal nourishes the Earth element. Since Metal is in the NW which covers people in blessings, it helps to have artworks expressing Metal or Earth energy as well as gratitude. Travel images such as maps and photos also encourage the chi. If you wish to include other home decorations and fixtures, you may use tall lamps and towering sculptures. Stick to white and gray color schemes to avoid any encounter with Water and Fire elements.

Meanwhile, Fire supports Earth which is a native element of the NE. You may hang artworks and images featuring landscapes, mountains, vibrant forests, and lush rolling hills. If they aren’t your cup of tea, you may use art that connects you to your inner core. These may be pieces of art with a spiritual theme. Last but not the least, you can use items representing the fire element. Warm lighting fixtures and tall candles strengthen the effect of the Earth element.

6. Prioritize your health.

Make your health the foundation for your success. Sleep early on the day of an interview. Get fresh air. Eat well and get some exercise on a daily basis. Remember to breathe in and out. Immersing into breathing exercises puts you in the right state of mind. Most of all, spend time in an environment with good energy.

7. Build your self-esteem.

Retain your energy. Keep being positive and stay optimistic to get the job you deserve. You can train yourself through a “fake-it-till-you-make-it” diary. Write everything you would feel on what it’s like to work on your dream job. Journaling helps the energy find it’s way to you.

You can continue building your self-esteem during the interview. Aim for the command position when sitting down. A command position has a sight of the door even if it’s not directly in front of you. Ensure that your back isn’t on any opening whether direct or indirect. The position makes you secured and stable which leads you to feel in control of the situation. Thus, you have a clear grasp of the interview flow.

Job opportunities come and go in the blink of an eye. With millions of people seeking the same thing that you want, it’s easy to give hope on finding a suitable role in the industry for you. Try activating your feng shui lucky direction before going on a job hunt. That way, you have a career path to follow and renewed energy to bring on interviews. When you are focused and determined on a goal, you get a higher chance of being successful.

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