How to boost your income

How can one attract all the abundance he or she desires? Living in abundance wherein you need not worry about your material needs and give freely to your friends and family. We all aspire for this. Sometimes, however, what we have in our pockets is just enough to tend to our needs – just the needs, not even the wants. The question now is – how can you boost your income. Feng shui has the answer.

Feng shui elements to attract wealth

If attracting more money into your life is your goal, you should own and display items that are believed to bring money luck to your life.

Feng shui coins

Feng shui coins are the most valuable elements that allow the person using it to increase his or her income. The number three is a lucky number in feng shui. It also symbolizes the union of heaven, earth, and man. Also, according to Chinese traditions, three coins tied using red thread symbolize prosperity as well as income protection. It can protect your money that you already have and increase it too.

Carry it with you to attract personal wealth. You will also attract people who might help you in your aspiration to be more prosperous. You will receive help whenever you need it.

Further, you can also use feng shui coins in your house, so it will bring prosperity to all the dwellers. Place the coins in the northwestern part of your home because this represents prosperity in the bagua map. You may also use the coins in the area that lacks the metal element. Not only it will protect and maximize your income, but also harmonizes the elements in your house.

At your business, put the coins in an object or area that contains money such as by the cash register. It will be beneficial this way regarding protecting or increasing the business income.

Due to its great symbolism, you may also give feng shui coins as a present to your loved ones. If you would, the coins will be a significant gift to give. You may combine the coins with other symbolic items to achieve various desired effects.

Other feng shui elements to use are:

Tsai Shen Yeh (The Chinese God of Wealth)

One of the most popular wealth gods, whoever shall display this figure in front of the entrance door facing toward the door will be protected his or her financial life.

Three legs frog

Considered as the luckiest symbol when it comes to money-making, whoever shall put the item will attract gold into his or her home. This applies in particular when the three legs frog is placed relatively low and diagonally across the front door. The frog should be looking to the door as if it is expecting great wealth is coming in. Putting nine frogs means attracting more money.

Laughing Buddha

Also known as the Happy Buddha, this figure showcases a big bag of money that the Buddha is carrying. To increase your wealth luck, choose a bronze material.

And, of course, don’t forget these two rules.
1st rule: Give with no expectations

Every once in a while, give little of what you have to other people especially to strangers. It does not have to be money or objects; at times, spending your free time volunteering or doing some charity works is much better. It’s a humbling experience I tell you. With all you plan to do, don’t expect anything in return.

2nd rule: Be grateful always

Be appreciative of what you have more so if it is something you poured your heart into. You should be thankful for all the blessings you receive—big or small. Teach your children the same virtue by asking them of the things – material or not – that they are grateful for each day.

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