What is the use of bagua and where is the right place to put it?

Bagua (or pal gwae), which literally means eight (ba) symbols (gua), is perhaps the most recognizable feng shui symbol thanks to that famous movie. Unlike in the movie, however, baguas are not cursed. In fact, since it represents the essential principles of reality, a bagua can bring prosperity to you and your loved ones.

What is a bagua?

Bagua is an octagonal trigram—trigram due to its tripartite structure. The eight connecting trigrams are:

乾 Qián – Heaven
兌 Duì – Lake/River
離 Lí – Fire
震 Zhèn – Thunder
巽 Xùn – Wind
坎 Kǎn – Water
艮 Gèn – Mountain
坤 Kūn – Earth

In each gua (or section), there are three lines (broken and unbroken). Each gua is connected, forming one gua at the center where the yin and yang symbol is located. Each of the broken lines represents either yin (broken lines) or the receptive force of nature and yang (unbroken lines) or the creative force of nature.

How to use the bagua?

A bagua can be used in analyzing the energy of a given space like your home. Actually, the bagua is your home’s feng shui energy map. It can show which areas of the home are connected to various areas of your life. These areas may include health, money, love and marriage, career, and spiritual growth, among others.

There are schools of thought in defining the bagua of any given space, area or room. Nevertheless, the more popular is the classical or traditional feng shui school of bagua.

Where is the right place to put the bagua?

In inviting the changes you desire, you need to put the bagua in its rightful place. However, bagua mirrors are so powerful that it should be put outside of your home.

What you can do inside is to increase the positive energy. Here’s what you must do.

North bagua

The northern area is for your career. Nourish this area by placing water and metal elements. Choose those that will look good in your home. Examples are:

– big round or oval mirror with metal frame
– black and white images of people you admire (professional)
– a fountain
– a mural especially of the ocean or sky or any art with water
– blue paint on the wall
– lighting fixtures

Northeast bagua

The northeast area is for spirituality and personal growth. Fire and earth elements are perfect for this space to create and strengthen good energy. Examples are:

– art pieces with earth element such as mountains
– arts with fire element
– artworks that connects to your spiritual quest
– tall lighting fixtures
– tall, square candles
– earth color paint on the wall

East bagua

The east area is for health and family. A combination of wood, water and earth elements would be ideal in the area. Examples are:

– warm brown color painted wall
– a beautiful mirror in the east
– lush and vibrant plants
– art pieces with wood and water elements
– images of family harmony
– lighting fixtures

Southeast bagua

The southeast area is for wealth and abundance. Water, wood and earth elements should be apparent in this area. Examples are:

– a gold-framed square or rectangular mirror
– an image of lush landscapes
– fabrics and upholstery in warm earthy colors
– art pieces with wood or water element
– lighting fixtures
– water element decors such as fountains
– wood element decors such as lush plants
– a small amount of red or purple

South bagua

The southern area is for fame and reputation. Fire and wood elements must be used in the area. Examples are:

– décors with fire element in them
– décors with a wood element in them
– fire element arts
– wood element arts
– images depicting the reputation or fame you desire
– tall lighting fixtures
– fire and wood element objects like red candles
– a fireplace

Southwest bagua

The southwest area is for love and marriage. Elements appropriate in this area are fire and earth elements since these are connected to the energy of love and marriage. You cannot put just any décor or object, though. You need to put things that speak to you of love and blissful marriage. Examples are:

– artworks with strong earth element
– an art expressing love energy
– fire element art
– tall lighting fixture
– fire or earth elements (must come in twos i.e. two tall, red, purple or orange candles)

West bagua

The western area is for creativity and children. Earth and metal elements should be used in this area especially those that displays the creativity and energy of children. Examples are:

– arts with strong metal element energy or earth element
– art that expresses creativity energy
– arts or photos of children
– metal or earth objects such as tall sculptures

Northwest bagua

The northwest area is for blessings. Blessings include helpful people in your life, so to nourish this area, put earth and metal elements. These elements express the sense of gratitude to them. Examples are:

– artworks with strong metal element energy or earth element
– art expressing gratitude energy
– travel images or images of helpful people in your life
– tall lighting fixtures
– metal or earth objects such as sculptures

Remember that the bagua mirror protects against negative energy and creates harmony, happiness, and good fortune. Your goal should be putting all the good/positive energy to take out the bad/negative energy.

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