Top 10 feng shui cures for your home

“Unclutter your life. Unclutter your home. We feel best when everything and everyone around us is in harmony and in balance. The peace and the beauty of your home will raise you up, and give energy to your goals.” – Eileen Anglin

Have you ever felt strange living at home? Or perhaps, thought about changing your routine to correct the imbalances in life? Whether you realize or not, feng shui plays a big role at home. It helps attract positive energy your home needs. Not to mention, it improves the energy flow and harmonizes your environment for a better living. While many people believe that feng shui is just some superstition, many homeowners are fascinated how it brings the right energy at home. Even a fortune teller in the Philippines would recommend feng shui to every homeowner who wants to have a better life.

You can get many benefits from feng shui – if you just know how it works to achieve the right and desirable outcome. To give you an idea, we list down the top ten feng shui cures for your home.

Tip # 1: Clear your clutter for good feng shui

Keep in mind that a messy home will never give you the right energy at home. That means it is important for you to put everything in their proper places. Remove everything you do not need in your home. Also, having a storage at home is a big help in keeping the things in order.

Tip # 2: Fix your squeaks

In feng shui, good “chi” enters through your entry door. However, the squeaking or the whining sound of your entry door will prevent it from coming through. Hearing the sound is as if the door is crying – and it is a sign of bad luck since it can affect your mood and well-being. You can fix it by putting oil in the door hinge. With that, it will prevent your entry door from creating a squeaking or whining sound.

Tip # 3: Use your front door

Many homeowners have a garage where they can just use the back door in getting in. However, in feng shui, entering from the back door is not a good practice. This would also mean bad luck. Again, the front door is the entryway of a good “chi.” That means you have to use the main door to let it in,

Tip # 4: Plants above the kitchen cabinets

Cabinets that have space above is a no-no in feng shui. The space above would only attract dust and stagnant energy. However, if you have such space, make sure to place some lighting, green plants, or anything that would fill the space. These objects will transform stagnant energy and attracts life.

Tip # 5: Keep that bathroom door closed

The bathroom is also a good source of a positive energy since it involves water. And in feng shui philosophy, water symbolizes wealth. Experts suggest that homeowners should close the bathroom door and toilet cover seats every after use, for as not to flush the money away.

Tip # 6: Clean all windows

Your window acts as the eyes to the world. It is a gateway where you can see and experience everything that the world has to offer to you. However, you can’t have these opportunities when you have dirty and dusty windows. Experts suggest to clean all your windows with an old newspaper, vinegar mixed with water, and wipe away the dirt.

Tip # 7: Be mindful of your bed

The bed is one of the most important furniture in your home. Moreover, it also brings good fortune when you put your bed in the right location. In feng shui, your bed should be in the “commanding position.” That means, your bed should be facing the door, but it should not be in line with the door while lying in bed.

Tip # 8: Cover up the TV in your bedroom

Many homeowners have TV in their bedroom. But did you know that television and any other gadgets can ruin a good sleep? In feng shui, these things can create a negative energy that can cause you to stay active at night. Make sure to cover your TV and other appliances you have in your room for as not to disrupt the calming energy in your bedroom.

Tip # 9: Open to door to positive energy

Apart from using your main door as your entry way, it is should also be clean and free from any clutter such as packages, a pair of shoes, wet umbrella, or anything that could block the door. Having these things around would only disrupt the flow creating negative energy. However, clearing your entry way attracts positive energy in getting inside your home.

Tip # 10: Have a plant

Plants are also a good factor in attracting positive energy. It does not just add beauty to your home, but it also purifies the air by absorbing toxins and any kinds of pollutants caused by the appliances. Moreover, plants create balance in life and interact with our body, mind and home in so many ways.

Creating a feng shui friendly home would also mean living a healthy life. Through following these tips above, you will have the right energy that your home needs.

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