Where is the money area in your house and how to enhance it?


Ok! Let’s admit, we all want to talk about money. How can we earn money? Are there any easy and effective ways to double or triple the money that we earned? What and what not to do when we earn. Or even tips on how to spend less for as not to waste the money that we have. All these things involved money. Regardless of the concerns you have, we all get interested when we talk about wealth.

Fortunately, your home does have a feng shui wealth area. However, making it useful and effective is up to you. If you try to consult a feng shui master in the Philippines, you’d probably be introduced the money area in your house and how to enhance it.

What is a Wealth Corner?

In feng shui, there are two wealth corners at home, namely, South-East (Primary) and North (Secondary).

South-East                                                                North
Element: Wood                                                        Element: Water
Colors: Green                                                           Colors: Blue, Black
Brings: Wealth                                                         Brings: Career Luck

The southeast part of your home is the wealth corner. While the north part of your home would also relate to wealth since it brings success to your career, which also means, you’d make more money out of it.

Feng Shui Wealth Corner – South East

What to follow

  • Favorable colors for southeast are shades of green and element is wood.
  • Hang images of fresh fruits and mouthwatering dishes in dining area; it brings abundance and increases appetite.
  • Keep the southeast part of your home clean and clutter free
  • If you have a living room in the southeast part of your home, place everything that symbolizes wealth, money, abundance and prosperity in the southeast living room. Moreover, having a fish aquarium is also one thing that brings wealth – make sure it’s big and have it clean and well oxygenated.
  • In your kitchen, make sure to have a mirror that reflects the dining table; that would mean you will have plenty and more for yourself and your family.

What to avoid

  • Avoid investing in a property that has cut in the southeast corner.
  • If you have an Arowana in your aquarium, make sure not to feed them with live fish, since it leads to struggle for wealth.
  • Do not put your bathroom/toilet, kitchen, store room and bedroom in the southeast corner.
  • If you want to hang an image of a ship, make sure that there are no weapons depicted in the picture.

Feng Shui Wealth Corner – North

What to follow

  • Place water fountains or anything related to water in the north part of your home.
  • Keep north part of your home clean and clutter free.
  • Favorable colors for the north part are shades of blue and black and the element is water.
  • Place metal wind chimes or gold and silver coins tied with red ribbon, since metal enhances water.
  • If you have a bedroom in the north part of your home, keep a wealth vase in the closet of your bedroom.
  • Make sure that the color of your wood is a shade of green and not brown since color brown represents the color of the dead or dried wood.

What to avoid

  • Just like with the southeast part of your home, try to avoid renting or buying a property that has a cut in the north.
  • This will only lead you to change one job after another without being satisfied and steady income.
  • Avoid having the kitchen, store room, or bathroom in the north part of your home. Having these in the north part would only mean your home is affected by bad water energy. However, if it is unavoidable, make sure to use wood elements such as small plants, paint the walls in shades of green or hang an image of trees. At least in this way, it will prevent you from wasting your wealth.
  • Do not keep a fish aquarium, plants, and mirrors in the bedroom, if your bedroom is located in the north part of your home.

While others believe that feng shui is just sort of superstition, many homeowners are fascinated how it brings the right energy at home. Moreover, following these feng shui tips will help you achieve a desirable outcome.

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