Ways to increase office success with feng shui

Our workplace must be an inspiring space where creativity and productivity are encouraged and enhanced. If your workstation is less than inspiring, then a little feng shui will certainly help. Yes, you can introduce some changes to improve the chi of your office. Positive energy will increase if you will implement these tips and techniques.
Many people come to me because their businesses are suffering. If not the business, their employees are slacking.

Below are great cures that you can apply to any workspace even to your home office.

Feng shui cures for office success

1) De-clutter and clean

Feng shui eyes can see all the clutter in an area. Clean up your desk and filing cabinets. Remove all the stuff that may block the flow of chi. A cluttered area has low or stagnant energy which means productivity will also stagnate. Leave just the essentials on your desk, file folders or filing cabinet. That’s how you make room for creativity.

2) Orient the desk

In every office setting, the most dominant position is facing the door where chi enters with a solid wall on your back. The wall will ensure that chi would not flow out—it will just circulate you. It means this position is very empowering, stimulating you to maximize your productivity.

While at it, there are certain positions to avoid. Prevent yourself from sitting you’re your back to the door or a corner. Avoid placing the desk between the door and the window or under the window. If you cannot move your desk, put a small mirror on the desk where you can see the entrance door.

3) Harmonize the elements

More often than not, an office tends to be overstimulating since it is heavy with metal and fire elements. There should be no missing element. Balance these elements by putting earth, wood and water items. Putting plants and art pieces that feature water are the best ways to go. Nature is a source of chi just so you know, so plants are really useful. The same is true with artwork with inspiring settings such as a mountain top or lake. Choose an artwork with elements tied to success.

4) Block the negative energy

Aside from balancing the elements, there are specific things that can disturb the flow of positive energy. A perfect example is an electromagnetic smog. Although it is a widely debated aspect in feng shui, it won’t hurt if you will display or wear crystals like amazonite, fluorite, turquoise and smoky quartz. These crystals act as barriers against negative chi.

5) Stimulate the senses

Add some refreshing scents to the office to uplift the people during the day. For instance, you may use an oil diffuser since it adds scent in a not so overwhelming way. Choose the right aroma like citrus or peppermint.

6) Be inspired always

Inevitably, you will work with projects that are less than exciting. You will need the inspiration to keep you motivated to work on the project. You may put a photo of your family or images of things, words, and places that you can associate with success. Place motivational quotes around the office especially on areas where most people spend or hang out.

Regardless of whether the office works from nine to five, the fundamental principle is that the surrounding significantly affects not just the productivity of the employee, but also their health and happiness. One way to achieve office success is ensuring that your workers are happy and healthy.

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