Feng Shui on How to Stop Leak of Wealth

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Driving with Good Fortune

The ‘chi’ or life force is not only present in our homes. It may be invisible, but it is present in all areas of our life. Help from a fortune teller in Manila (if you are in the Philippines) is…

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The Bad Stuff in Our Homes

If you’re waiting for a sign to start tackling your emotional relationship with stuff crowding your home, this is it. We accumulate clutter every day from work emails, to-do lists on sticky notes, grocery eco bags to give away pens….

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The Force of the ‘Chi’

Ancient Chinese translates “qi” or “chi” as ‘invisible’ or the ‘indication of something unknown. Each person is wrapped in energy that flows through the physical body and nourishes every fiber of the being. The life force that is the same…