How to Attract the Energy of Love

You stand in front of the mirror and analyze yourself – you are good looking, has a stable job, of good character, but you still don’t get it why you don’t have any suitor, lover or partner. If you think that you have done your best to improve yourself and be at your greatest, you might want to add other ways on how to attract the energy of love. This is also applicable to couples who think that they are losing the spark in their relationship.

In feng shui, there are different charms and practices which can help you with your dilemma. Just be mindful on when and where should you place these, and what are the correct manner of practicing such. To begin with, you may read below some advice in feng shui on how you can attract this wonderful energy of love and romance:

1. Better not to have photographs of other people in your room

pexels-photo-296649If you are living with your partner or already married, it is not unusual for you to have pictures of your other loved ones at home. But don’t place these pictures inside you and your couple’s bedroom. Would it not be uncomfortable or awkward for you and your couple to see faces of other people while making love or having your private time together? It is like having your mom, children, and pets (if you have their photos in your bedroom) watch everything you do in bed – even the ones you know they are not supposed to see. Instead, display photographs of you and your partner being enthusiastic and romantic. You can also do place photos in other areas in your homes which are considered to be traffic areas (e.g. kitchen, hallway).

For the singles, you can display pictures or images that would represent your feelings or emotions when you get to meet your special someone.

2. Declutter

Declutter not just your bedroom but your whole house. Aside from it keeps you and your housemates fight-free over this unnecessary mess and stuff, it also leaves more space for good vibrations to come in. Like what others say, how can new and good things come in your way if you are keeping irrelevant ones?

3. Decorate your bedroom

pexels-photo-129062Other than having you and your couples photograph or your ideal image of a happy relationship, you can also decorate your room with artworks promoting love, romance, and passion. It will also do you good if the colors of your bedroom complement each other to create a balanced flow of love and sexual energy. Using pink is a good choice as it represents everything good – love, joy, happiness and sexual energy. You can also consider putting out different charms and figurines that will suit your persona and corresponds well to your feng shui symbols. For example, you can put a rooster figurine to help you break a toxic and draggy relationship.

4. Display peonies

pexels-photo-281616Flowers, in general, evoke love, but peonies are something special. If you are single, it is best for you to display real peonies or at least pictures of it in your bedroom. Know where you should particularly place it so it would foster “peach blossom luck”. It seems that these peonies attract positive vibrations for you to finally meet the one. Others believe that peonies displayed in couple’s room will invite other people or third party in your relationship. Again, make sure that you are putting flowers, particularly peonies, in right directions considering your room and house location.

5. Don’t place mirrors facing the bed

Having mirrors are okay but not if it’s right in front of your bed. Having such will invite the bad energy of third party or infidelity. On the other hand, if your bedroom is located at the end of the long hallway or corridor, or along with the front door, your relationship might be affected negatively. To have this vibes reverted, you can hang mirrors diagonally opposite of each other in the hallway.  You can also put a small crystal sphere directly inside the door.

6. Have your bed on its rightful position

pexels-photo-164595Aside from not sleeping with your head under the window, you should not place your bed in a corner. It depicts that you or your partner is being trapped in a bad relationship or you are consistently still in an unfavorable disposition. You should have your bed strategically located in which both of you can have equal and free access to the bed.

7. Invest in a good headboard

Anything that can help you and your partner get a good rest is something to be considered vital for you to have an improved romance. A robust and comfy headboard gives you a sense of safety and security.

8. No work in your bedroom

person-woman-apple-hotelUsing gadgets and work-related materials in your bedroom actually create and adverse effect on bedroom love and romance. In simplest terms, if you continue to be in work mode even you’re already in bed and together with your partner, you are consuming your energy in the wrong way. Your mind and body are not focused on what’s in front of you. You may have a lot of charms and crystals to help the positive vibes and love energy flow, but if you continue doing this, your relationship might not improve that much.

9. Remove excess pillows and materials on your bed

The bed should be rightfully fitted to you and your partner. Now, having excess pillows and materials like stuff toy make your bed jam-packed and overflowing with inappropriate materials. As mentioned previously, you should have enough space for the good energy to flow together with you. But be careful in having too much space in bed as it promotes partner drifting away from each other. Too small bed may result in you and your partner, literally and figuratively, feel like you are revolving in a small space and limited. If you are single, like in decluttering, you should have ample space left for your special someone.

10. Replace bed sheets and linens

If your love life hasn’t been that active and lively, having comfortable and elegant bed sheets and linens might help you with that. White, pink, and bright green are the best colors to attract passion and love along your way. It is not advisable to use red as it may “burn” your relationship up. Having these wonderful sheets and linens, you and your partner may have a meaningful and enjoyable time together.

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